FIFA 14: Tip (Hacking Skills via Cheat Engine)

An example of hacking skills and saving a table without finding the original address (which is a problem for many)
We go to CREATING A PLAYER since all the skills are there ->
run cheatengine (6.3 is the current version, you can download it here and absolutely free, look for 4 bytes with the value we need -> change -> we filter out -> after finding all the skills we need, save the table for reuse (it is advisable to sign each skill otherwise you can get confused when reusing tables).

So you decided to start a career as a businessman, load a saved table and see that the address values ​​show something completely different, either ??, or a lot of numbers ->
now we need to find only one skill (any and fortunately they are signed), for example, we are looking for jumps (you can choose any skill), we are looking for 4 bytes with the value we need -> change -> we filter out->
found and right-click in the table we saved on the jumps (in your case it may be different) and select “Recalculate new addresses” the table is transformed ->
then we change the skills to the required amount.

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