FIFA Manager 10: Tip (hacked via artmoney)

We bet many have tried;)
I killed for 3 hours in search but found.
“And the chest just opened” (c)

We open the game. We go to the save or start a new one (any), it doesn’t matter.
In the settings, we change the display of money to dollars.
We go to your personal profile and see how much money you have. There must be more than zero;)
For example, you have 1070 dollars.
Switch to artmoney and look for the exact value among integers.
And the value should be “YourMoney + 700” (for those who do not understand why the quotes are example: 1070700)

you have 2023 dollars – we are looking for 2023700
you have 5842 dollars – we are looking for 5842700
you have 1546 dollars – we are looking for 1546700

PS: For those who are in the “tank” at the end, we attribute 700 to your meaning without spaces.


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