Fire and Sword 2. To the Caribbean !: Cheat Codes and Talent Points Tips

Cheats remain the same as in the otalny parts. In order to enable them, go to the settings in the launcher and put the checkbox on “Allow cheats”

Ctrl + W (in the character window) – increase skill points

Ctrl + X (in the window of things) – +1000 piastres (dinars)

Ctrl + X (in the character window) – +1000 experience points

Ctrl + X (in the squad window) does not work

Ctrl + T (on the global map) – show everyone on the map  

Ctrl + LMB (on the global map) – move your squad to the selected location

Ctrl + F4 (in battle) – stun the enemy Ctrl + Alt + F4 – stun everyone in the vicinity

Ctrl + F3 (in battle) – self-stalling Ctrl + F5 (in battle) – give control to the computer

Ctrl + F6 (in battle) – stun your own Ctrl + Shift + F6 (in battle) – stun all your own

Ctrl + F9 (in battle) – slowed combat

Ctrl + H – Self Heal Ctrl + Shift + H – Heal Horse  

The character window has a character export and import function in the lower left corner. After pressing the button, press export, then go to “My Documents” in the Caribbean folder! there will be a folder Characters and your actual character in a text file. Open it, and then you will already understand what and how to edit, it’s not difficult, just edit the numbers. I advise you to edit the lines xp, money, attribute_points, skill_points, weapon_points, the next 4 and below, starting with one_handed_weapons and ending with firearms. We leave with the save, import the character.


The talent button is under the weapon skills. To get a lot of them, I found only one way, since this line is not in the previous list. We need the same Characters. Export the character and find the line xp in the file, write 0 in it, import it and press Ctrl + X in the character window, swing its level to 20-30 (if not laziness). We import something else (without export) and notice that the character has a level of 1, and the talent points are the same as they were. Download it until you get bored and import. 



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