Going Medieval: Advice (Pumping your skills)

I rummaged for a while in the folders for the game, I found some buns))

And so let’s go here
C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Foxy Voxel \ Going Medieval
We find a file like “SAV” this is your any game save)
I opened this file through Notepad ++
Open search and type in this “displayName”:
Quotation marks are required)

We go down to

“skills”: {“displayName”:

Here are your skills ,

“$ id”: 336,
“$ type”: “52 | NSMedieval.Model.WorkerSkill, Assembly-CSharp”, (Not touching
“skillId”: 0, (not touching)
“level”: 10 (Max Lvl 10 skill)
“experience”: 33000, (Experience, you can write any or not touch at all)
“passionLevel”: (This is the number of stars of the skill, Maximum 2)

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