Haegemonia: Legions of Iron: Advice (Leveling & Hacking Tips)

If you are not satisfied with each episode to start with “empty pockets” I suggest using ArtMoney

1. Select the process – the exe file of the game from the drop-down list
2. Press the “Search” button
3. During the game, press the “Paus | Break” button on the keyboard and remember the amount of resources, now enter the required number in the “Value” field
4. In the “Type” field, select “Dotted (standard)
5. Click “Ok”
6. After that, return to the game and again press the “Paus | Break” button on the keyboard, after the amount of resources has changed, press “Paus | Break” again and return to ArtMoney.
7. Press the “Filter” button where in the “Value” field enter the desired value from the game.

After two or three such operations, you will find the desired value that can be changed to any of your choice..
Have a good game 😉

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