Harry Potter / Quidditch World Cup Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

Tip 1. If you are close to the opponent’s goal, but a bludger has been launched at you (you have to run away), then score a goal (right mouse button). Because of the bludger, the goalkeepers leave the gate and they are free while the bludger continues..
Tip 2. Try to pass the ball not by passes, but by combos. It’s more dynamic and useful this way. Firstly, the “snitch” scale increases faster than from passes. Secondly, the combo increases the chance of getting a bonus-special move (and a special team move).
Tip 3. If you want to play in the demo, then select the level of comet 260 and the command crowbeak or slytherin (reptile). A comet because at this level a bonus is more often given – a special team move. and these teams because they have the most goals in the bonus is a special team move.

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