Heroes of Might & Magic 5 (HOMM V): Tip (ballista tactics)

When playing as Inferno, choose the hero Deleb – (since this hero has a ballista + this ballista has explosive shells). Then we develop the hero’s level to 3 or to 5. (be sure to choose the ability “balista“+ we develop to the end”machine controlThen we buy a total of seven demons. (The rest of the army can be bought by another hero). Then we distribute the demons – one per cell.
Now the hero has all seven cells occupied. When we attack the enemy, we run like demons across the battlefield, and we destroy the troops with a ballist and a hero. At the initial levels, this method helps a lot to defeat the enemy without loss..

P.S. I personally tried it – my hero had 22 archers, and the enemy had 96 men at arms. After the battle, I have 4 archers left.

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