Mafia 2: Definitive Edition: Tip (Tissue Physics Fix)

Information taken from Nexusmods

Author – Alsharad

The APEX effects actually work correctly, except for the cloth physics in the base game. PhysX works well in DLC.

There are 3 types of clothing physics in the game.

1. No physics. Clothes stick to the character
2. Standard physics.
3. APEX PhysX

If you play at low settings, you get standard physics, but you lose all particles and APEX effects.

If you play on HIGH settings, you get APEX particles, but the clothes will stick to the character because they cannot load the correct APEX cloth physics.

My solution is to get APEX particles + standard physics


1. Go to the game installation directory

2. Go to the EDIT / APEX folder

3. Back up the “CLOTH” folder to a safe place (you must add it back when you want to play the DLC)

4. Delete the “CLOTH” folder

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