Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim: Tip (Trading Post Bug)

I think that everyone had a desire to get more money, and to the question of cheats to answer that they did not exist. Here’s my legal way to get millions in Majesty 2. With it, “Golden Rivers” will flow into your kingdom.

I’ll start with a warning: this method can crash the game. I checked, and if you put 50 pieces of posts, then when you enter the trade tab of the castle, the game crashes. I did not notice this for 20-30 posts.

“So, how to do it, because nothing can be built on a pause!” — you ask. Okay, I explain. Yes, on pause you cannot build from the lock tab, but who canceled the automation and scripts? You just need to select a trading location and click on the trading post icon. That’s all. This can be repeated as long as there is money. Speaking of them, the price of posts will not change until you remove the pause. I quietly saved up for 20 posts in fair play.

“But what about the monsters that might attack the caravans?” This is a good question, but there is an easy answer to it. You just need to restart the map until a convenient trading place is near the castle. I did it from the 3rd time.

“What a cheating ?! I turned off the pause and the game” hung “!” This is normal, because the game needs to chew this whole bunch of posts. They are not intended to be supplied in such quantities. Just wait and everything should work. My computer chewed fifty posts for a minute.

“Now I can’t build anything, all the peasants have disappeared somewhere!” Of course, in Majesty 2 all buildings must be built by them, so everyone rushed to build your posts..

“What can I do with so much money? I’ve already bought everything, and I still have a lot of gold.” And here is not my business. And suddenly you have a couple of powerful lords from the times of the royal towers, or half of the heroes are sunbathing in the cemetery. Bring them to life and get ready to fight!

Something like that. I casually mentioned this on another site, but I wrote everything down here. Well, now the prophecy of the golden rivers has come true.

Oh, here comes the first golden stream. There are 20 donkeys of 500 gold each. 10K gold at a time! Not bad, huh? This has already covered my costs by 2.5 times.!

By the way, this also works with temples, therefore, the priestesses of Krypta patrol my kingdom in the amount of 4 parties. Something like this.

In short, read, use, rejoice, and I went to go through the mission, and then the campaign. Good luck, and remember: “Blood to the bloody god, skulls for a throne of skulls!”, Although this is a completely different game…

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