Max Payne: Secret in the Parking Lot

In the third episode, the fourth part (garage), immediately after the
Use four pairs of extras (ie, what is with the machine). Now take a look
turn right on the garage and you will see 3 barrels and an A / C block. Jump on it
at the top. By the way, you will see a building that looks like a barn, on the wall that will be
a segment in the form of a door, painted a little bit less than the rest of the
wall. Shoot into this area from any source, and the wall will break through.
Go inside: on the field you will see something like a grid.
Drink on it and you will go to another room, where you will be waiting
a sniper rifle with patrons and a dead dude (dude won’t wake up =)).
Also in this room, if you turn on the radio, you can listen
recorded conversations of developers, although even in the Russian version they speak English.

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