Omerta: City of Gangsters: Advice (Building Super Powerful Heroes with ArtMoney)

In the game, you can create super strong gangsters who will snap all enemies like seeds.
To do this, it is necessary that the gang already have 2-3 levels (or it is better to use the code to increase the level and raise to 10, then all skills that open with the level will become available).
We open Artmani and look for the gangster level (for example, 10) whole 4b.
We switch to the game, pay 500 dirty to reset the gangster skills, and filter out the level number visible in the game (1) in Artmani.
Then we increase ur one by one and weed out the result in Artmani until we get 1 result.
After that, we freeze the result 2 lvl lower than the maximum achieved (if it is 10 lvl then by 8), and in the game we simply collect all the available skills.

Absolutely all skills cannot be collected, because some will remain inaccessible due to failure to meet the requirements for characteristics, but this is not more than 10, but you can still gain 40-45 skills, which corresponds to level 40-45.

This operation must be performed with each member of the gang 1 time. The game will remember the changes and will not have to repeat. Until the end of the game, the read gangsters will be tenacious like tanks, fast as lightning, and deadly as death itself.

By the way, hint: if at the beginning of the game you use the code to raise the level to the maximum 10, then in missions where a level increase is given as a reward, the gang will raise the level above 10. I’m currently running level 12 gangsters, and after the next mission will be 13.

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