Overlord: Advice (Location of all stones, totems, discs, health, mana, henchmen and spells)

Henchmen Totems:

One totem is given at the very beginning.

1. Ripe hills, past the sheep in the water.

2. Ripe hills, Halfling dwelling, in a huge pumpkin.

3. Darkshire, passage to the left of Oberon, near the ghosts of the elves.

4. Heavenly abode, Hotel “Halfway to Heaven”, behind the left door of the first hall with red priests.

5. Golden Hills, Temple construction, near a huge golem.

Health Totems:

1. Kutezh Castle, on the right side of the entrance to the dungeon.

2. Heavenly abode, behind the cemetery, where two zombie lords are standing.

3. Darkshire, Sacred Grove.

4. Golden Hills, the first fortress of the gnomes, a platform from which bombs are thrown.

5. Ruboria desert, a hillock where black sheep go.

6. Ruboria desert, behind a large area of ​​sand, where there are many worms.

Mana Totems:

1. Darkshire, near the entrance to the cave of green henchmen.

2. Heavenly abode, near the entrance to the cave of blue henchmen.

3. Darkshire, Skull’s Burrow, in a winding corridor leading from one intersection.

4. Heavenly abode, exit from the castle through a hole in the wall, in the water.

5. Golden Hills, the first settlement of the Dwarves.

6. Ruborian desert, where you meet the first worm.

Fire spells:

One is given at the very beginning.

1. Heavenly abode, inside the castle, immediately after leaving the Undercity.

2. Golden Hills, Eternal Mine, where red bugs crawl.

Infernal spells:

1. Darkshire, behind a fence near the water near the first unicorns.

2. Darkshire, Temple of the Mother Goddess, to the left of the root of Oberon.

3. Golden Hills, the second settlement of the dwarves, where they drink beer.

Shield Spells:

1. Darkshire, to the right of Oberon, behind one of the destroyed roots.

2. Darkshire, just in front of you after killing Oberon.

3. Golden Hills, Dwarven Brewery, to the right of the exit.

Power spells:

1. Ripe hills, near the exit from Kutezh towards the village of halflings.

2. Heavenly abode, Undercity, near the exit from it.

3. Golden hills, behind the first fortress, on a hill with a bell.

The numbering corresponds to the names of the screenshots.

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