Pathfinder: Kingmaker: Advice (Hacking abilities (feats) and spellbooks with the Cheat Engine)

Hacking abilities and spellbooks with Cheat Engine

    This instruction will help you to acquire additional abilities / traits, spells at any character level.

What you need to find:

Item 1. Character experience.
Item 2. Level and other.

Search process: xxxxxxxx-Kingmaker.exe
All search values ​​are Integer 4 bytes.


1. Additionally, when searching for a character’s level, in addition to the class level, the circle of magic, abilities, you can also find the values ​​of the distributed skills, if they increased with the growth of the level to the maximum value, ie at the 4th character level – the indicator of knowledge of magic = 4.

2. If you have no experience, before hacking your save (if any) it is better to practice on the newly created character.

3. The easiest way to hack a character is at the very start of the game, since there are no companions yet and, therefore, the search circle for values ​​is significantly reduced.


Point 1. Finding meaning: Character experience.


The very start of the game, after a conversation with Lindsay, the killer runs into the room and brings the experience necessary to search for the parameter.

Character experience is quite easy to find, especially if the initial amount is around 1k.

In this case, the starting experience is 1900, the Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Save Game Editor program was used to edit parameters, experience and other.

Before the fight with the assassin (pause mode), look for the starting experience value in the Cheat Engine = 1900.

After we have dealt with the guest, we filter out the new value = 1946.

The value is easy to find after the first sifting.

Next, go to step 2. Search for meaning: Character level and so on.

Point 2. Finding the meaning: Level and other.


Since character level = 1, we are looking for this value in the Cheat Engine
Then we increase the value of “Character experience” to 2046 in the game, level 2 will be available.

In the game we raise the level to 2. After that, in the Cheat Engine, We filter out the value of the level = 2.
We repeat the previous process of changing the experience to the next character level.
In the game we acquire an ability, a new spell, in the Cheat Engine we filter out the number corresponding to the character’s level.

We filter out until there are 18-27 values ​​left (the number varies).

In this case, 24 values ​​were found corresponding to the character’s level = 4

Go to stage 1. Search for character level and class level

Stage 1. Character level and Class level


Now you need to find the necessary values ​​manually by changing the parameters in the Cheat Engine

To simplify the process, it is recommended to assign numbers from 1 to 9 excluding the found value, in this case – “4”.

After checking in the game, it is recommended to return the values ​​to the original indicator = “4”

We continue the process of changing values ​​18-27 until we find all the necessary ones:
1. Character level
2. Class level
After these values ​​have been found, proceed to the next stage.

Stage 2. Abilities and Circle of Magic.


In Cheat Engine Change the found indicators:
1. Character level on = 2
2. Class level at = 1

To search for abilities / traits, it is necessary to set unknown indicators to “2” in the Cheat Engine, since the system at the 3rd character level provides a trait to choose from.

In order to avoid crashing the game or possible bugs, it is recommended to consistently change one by one in Cheat Engine and after checking in the game, return to its original state.

You can check the values ​​in this way:
1. Go to the level up window, select the desired character class
2. Check for the Abilities tab and changes in the Spells window

Pay attention to the screenshot, the increased level is 3, the level of the sorcerer is 2. There is also an ability of level 3 Overcoming magic (it was acquired during the search for the character’s level) and at the same time a new trait is available for selection (the new one will not replace the previous one).

Thus, by changing the found parameters, you can acquire additional spells and abilities..

1. Character level = 2
4. Abilities = 2
5. Circle of magic = 1-9

The circle of magic is tied to the level of the character, even if you take spells of the 9th circle, they will be in the spell book, but will not be available in the game due to the low level of the character, but the spells available by the level can be freely used.

After acquiring all the necessary abilities, it is recommended to return the character to its original form by 1 level.

To do this, you need to set the values ​​in points:
Character EXP = 46 or 0
Character level = 1
Class level = 1
Circle of magic = 1 (if provided by the class and you were looking for it)
Abilities = 1

In the process of writing the instructions, the following features were acquired:

If there are minor nuances, such as an overestimated health indicator, they can be corrected with the Arcemi.Pathfinder.Kingmaker.SaveGameEditor program .

1. With the help of this program you can do all the same, but much easier: set the character level = 1, and the amount of experience = 999999. And repeat the process until you turn blue. But unfortunately fine tuning is not available for this program.

2. “18+” if the class level = 0 is set in this program, the character will be left without starting non-equipped clothing.


Tested: Cheat Engine v 6.7

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