Pathfinder: Kingmaker: Tip (Save Editing)


In order to edit the save, we need:

1) Archiver “I used 7zip”

2) Save the game is located at C: \ Users \ “Your user” \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Owlcat Games \ Pathfinder Kingmaker \ Saved Games “archive format .zks”

3) Notepad “you can use normal or Notepad ++”

So, let’s begin:

We take the save, unpack it with the archiver, we see the files there “party.json, player.json

party.json, player.json“open with notepad

at player.json you can edit the amount of gold if you find the line Money

at party.json find lines:

“Type”: “Intelligence”, “m_BaseValue”:             -intelligence 13
“Type”: “Dexterity”, “m_BaseValue”:                 -agility 16          
“Type”: “Strength”, “m_BaseValue”:                  -strength 13
“Type”: “Constitution”, “m_BaseValue”:            -endurance 13
“Type”: “Wisdom”, “m_BaseValue”:                  -wisdom 13
“Type”: “Charisma”, “m_BaseValue”:                -charisma 13

Please note that the numbers must match the Persian to whom you want to change this characteristic of the stats, because there is more than one line in this file

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