S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat: Advice (for beginners, honest money making)

This message is for those who first took a stalker in their hands and who are not in it at all. And so I think people are literate and so they guessed everything. When you get to Pripyat, walk along it, collect artifacts, weapons, find hiding places, weapons and everything else you can take with you and take away. If you are in an exoskeleton (and if not, then this is already problematic, because there is an RP-74 and also a Zulu, after Gaussian he gives his RP-74), then this is generally fine, since drink hercules and you can carry 110 kg (again in an honest way). You can collect at least 100k in Pripyat (I didn’t find all the hiding places). In general, if the weapon is broken, have it repaired by a mechanic (free of charge). In the same place, fix the suit and everything that is possible. Then go to Yanov and sell usio, except for artifacts. With the artifacts, go to Zaton and, if there is an exclusive, then sell the artifact to Beard as a search (with good relations with him, and not with this bald Bandit). In total, it is a bit long, but interesting and profitable: explore Pripyat, collect rare artifacts, weapons and any other Muiini ( tools for calibration in OBE, but there is a burer, so be careful). Well, that’s all. To everyone who has read thanks, I appreciate it and I hope that at least a piece of information was useful.

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