S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat: Council (Correct use of artifacts)

I will write down everything about artifacts, which are vital and which are not very much. And so, having only one cell in the suit, you have nothing but (jellyfish -2, twist -3, bubble -4) – you cannot put artifacts from radiation, otherwise you will be irradiated, if you put some other one, keep in mind in anomalies ” radiation ”the suit does not deteriorate. Having two or more cells, you can already use other artifacts in conjunction with neutralizing radiation.

Specifically about useful artifacts, so as not to carry unnecessary and unnecessary, the most useful are (crystal +3, fireball +6) – possessing thermal protection, namely, the usefulness lies in the fact that, even without stepping into the anomaly “frying”, you you still fall into the “heat” anomaly, while health quickly decreases and the suit deteriorates greatly, two fireballs almost completely neutralize the effects of temperature, and you can climb in this anomaly as much as you like without even ruining the suit. Equally important are artifacts (stone blood +3, meat chunk +6) – possessing chemical protection, like an anomaly “heat” in an anomaly with a chemical hazard, even if you do not step into the “jellied meat”, you are still in the “acid cloud” all the time and constantly poison and spoil the suit, so the use of two chunks of meat also almost completely neutralizes the effects of evaporation. And finally (stone flower +3 and moonlight +6) – artifacts with psi protection are also very important in anomalies with psi effects, since without any protection, life in such an anomaly will be taken away very quickly, in principle, even one moonlight, if the suit has at least some kind of protection against psi exposure, in this anomaly the suit does not collapse, therefore, there is no need to defend one hundred percent from this. Now about useless artifacts, namely (sparkler +3, flash +6) artifacts with electrical protection, there is no such thing as an electric field in the game, you will receive electricity damage only if you step on an electros, so if you carefully bypass the electrons using bolts or svarog, then there is no point in using these artifacts, it also does not have, washed off and pumping the suit towards electrical protection, there is a strong radioactive background in these anomalies, so protection from radiation is important here, and not from electricity.
Specific and contradictory artifacts (soul, gingerbread man and firefly) restoring life, of course, who would not want life to be restored faster, but the recovery rate is very low, for example, in a hot firefight if more than half of your life was demolished, then you do not think that using even two firefly life will be restored in a couple of seconds, these artifacts are more likely needed when everything is over, when you dealt with the monster or crawled out slightly crumpled from the anomaly and you can wait for life to recover so as not to waste the first-aid kit. Useless artifacts (mother’s beads +2, eye +4, flame +6) artifacts that heal wounds and stop bleeding seem to be not a bad description, but in practice everything is not as cool as in the description, bleeding is not so dangerous, and if it is not strong, then it will stop by itself in a short time, and if you have at least one weakest artifact that restores health, or your suit is pumped to restore health, then you have nothing to worry about, the bleeding in this case will stop by itself. And the latter (battery +2, dummy +4, snowflake +6 and night star +4, gravel +8, goldfish +12), the former have a restoration of strength, the latter increase the weight to be carried, in fact, in some situations they are interchangeable, the effect of them the same for example – you are in an exoskeleton and you can carry 90kg, you now have 70kg, you can put two gravels and increase the carrying capacity and due to this, the recovery of forces will be faster, or you can put two snowflakes that will increase the recovery of forces and fatigue, which in the first situation, that in the second it will be the same, I would recommend wearing both of them and use them depending on the situation, but artifacts that increase the carried weight are naturally more important since this is the key to enrichment, namely the sale of what you managed to collect, not when do not think whether or not you take the artifact even a night star with its weight of half a kilo, it will give +4 kg if it is used, which means that you will be able to lift a couple of extra trunks, not to mention the stronger artifacts that increase the carrying capacity.

And most importantly, do not forget to actively change and use all available artifacts, at the moment when you explore the area, use it to recuperate so that you can always escape in a difficult situation if you understand that you cannot cope, if you are slightly crumpled, restore health with the help of the appropriate artifact, you want to get into the anomaly, you will first select the necessary artifacts against these anomalies, if you have collected the good, then you increase the carrying capacity with the help of artifacts that increase the carried weight. (Information for those who have never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)

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