Superpower 2: Tip (hack money at ArtMoney)

1) We pause the game and save, write down the value of money on a piece of paper
2) In Artmoney [730.3] (rus) SE / select “search-object-file”
3) Find and open the save file in Artmani in the format of the Mods // save / folder
4) In the search settings, select “with a dot-8 bytes” and enter the value of money in saving (for example, -163123874)
5) Usually finds one address. Change its value to any
P.S .: if it does not find a value, we change its value by one more or less and search again (for example, we did not find it at -935632, then we search for -935631)
6) After changing the value, launch the saved game
7) We are happy with a lot of money!)

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