The Elder Scrolls Online: Tips (How to Install Addons)

In order to install the addons you need, you need to do the following:

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to your ESO Documents folder:

For Windows users, this will by default be: C: \ Users \\ Documents \ Elder Scrolls Online \\
For Mac users: ~ / Documents / Elder Scrolls Online //

(Replace with the type of game client you are using)

  • If the folder “Addons” does not exist at the specified path, create it.
  • Unzip the downloaded extension to the “Addons” folder, keeping all subfolders.
  • Download the game and login. In the character selection window, select the Add-Ons menu. In the window that opens, you will see a list of installed extensions. Check the box “Download obsolete versions”.
  • After entering the game in the main chat channel, you will see a list of downloaded addons. You just have to configure them.

You can disable unnecessary add-ons from the same item in the system menu “Add-Ons” by unchecking the box next to its name and reloading the game. You can completely remove the addon by deleting its folder from C: \ Users \\ Documents \ Elder Scrolls Online \\ Addons \

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