Unturned: Tip (How to Change Weapon Damage in Unturned 3.0+)

And so now I will write how to hack Unturned through files in the game folders and so let’s start

1: you need to go to the root folder of the game

2: go to the Bundles / Item / Guns folder

3: you need to choose a weapon like Crossbow

4: there will be 2 dat elements in the folder English.dat and Crossbow.dat you need to select Crossbow.dat

5: after opening you can see its ID but it doesn’t matter you have to find Zombie_Damage and change it

6: save and enter the game

If you have 2 dat files made as unknown (did not know how to write correctly), just open it in NotePad ++ or WordPad and if you experiment, then be careful the game may crash when you start Good luck

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