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September 12, 2016
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By Jonny Gamer

8 helpful tips for leveling your character in Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released in 2011 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. And immediately won the sympathy of both critics and players. In general, if you are bored with playing Skyrim, but want to reach a higher level of skill in less time, then this article is for you.

So – personal tips for leveling your hero:

1. Whenever possible, try to block the blows of opponents. The most important recommendation I can share with you is to find a couple of enemies with two-handed weapons and start a fight with them. Draw out your shield and block their blows for 10 minutes – during this time the Blocking skill will increase by 25 points.

2. Steal from teachers. The very first city you will go to will most likely be Whiterun. In the same place, try to find Arcadia, she will help you with the training of alchemy. So: learn this craft, and in the future empty the pockets of Arcadia in order to return your savings, and start learning again. Thus, you simultaneously improve the Pickpocketing skill. You get points for Alchemy, as well as points for Pickpocketing … In the end, you get a few points to the skill Pickpocketing for any stolen item … This, of course, is all good, but you can end there. Not for long … Imagine you ran into the store as a beginner, and ran out 7-8 levels higher than before!

3. Daggers of the highest class. Mine or buy Iron Ingots, Leather, Leather Scraps, and forge as many Iron Daggers as possible! Believe me, you will definitely need them: as soon as you master the “Banish” enchantment skill, you can enchant these daggers using any soul stone – now this is not only “iron”, but a weapon that will cost at least 3000 gold! That’s right, these Daggers “Exile” give a chance at the same time to pump and Blacksmithing, and Speech, and Enchantment … Oh yes, the coins purchased for them can be used for further improvement and training.

4. Don’t forget about armor! Try to enchant 5 items of your equipment so that they increase your Blacksmithing and Alchemy – thus you can, firstly, make potions worth at least 3000 gold per flask, and secondly, create super-weapons. Each time you brew such a potion, your Alchemy skill is increased by 1 point.

5. Have a heart-to-heart talk. When you are in Riften, find one elf – his name is Ungrien, and he will work at the mead brewery. Go to him and start asking about his boss. This elf will say something similar to: “Oh yes, she’s adorable!” But your task is to convince the elf to tell the truth, only then will he state what it really is … well, you get the idea. So: Ungrien will recount everything, and you just stand there and listen. WARNING: Do not move the cursor or sticks on the controller. Change the channels on the TV, go out to eat or smoke, or even better do other more important things – in general, for about 20 minutes, your Speech skill will increase and eventually reach 100.

P.S.- It is best to start a conversation with Ungrien in the morning, but not closer to night – otherwise the elf can call the guards, so something like that!

6. “Quiet” skills Magic is pumped very slowly – well, too slowly! So, run to the College of Winterhold and meet all the magicians there … The illusion can be pumped without anyone’s help: just, each time, use Invisibility and Muted steps on yourself. Try to cast all the time, all the time. At any opportunity, anytime, anywhere. More: Recovery. It is pumped quickly, but if you are really injured and healed.

7. As for the equipment – I will give one more piece of advice: when enchanting armor to improve Blacksmithing and Alchemy, give the things appropriate names, for example: “boots of Alchemy”, “pants of Alchemy” – and this is for each skill. So you will not have to look for this or that thing in your inventory every time, checking everything in a row when you need to change clothes.

8. Assassin of the Greybeards. Greybeards live on the highest mountain in Skyrim, they also teach you Dragon Shouts, but the old people also love to talk and talk a lot; if you go to them, be prepared to listen to their speeches for 15 minutes. But still, what to do with them? – you say. And I will answer you this: hide behind their backs and start beating them with a gun! Because of this, your Weapon and Stealth are swinging, and the best thing is that they don’t really care …

That’s all for now, an article will soon be released on tips for pumping all skills in Skyrim.

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