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April 16, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Airport Tycoon 3: Tips (Editing Game Files)

Using any text editor (eg Notepad) open the file “airlines”
from the folder “\ program files \ global star software \ airport tycoon 3 \ data \ db”
and change the parameters to your liking:

Open all airlines —- change the “QUALITY” parameter to “1”.
Open all planes —- set the date value of each plane to “1/1970”
Open all buildings —- set the date value after the “destroy” line
for each building equal to “1/1970”.
Free items —- change the value before the “BUILD” parameter
on each line by “0”. Also change
parameter “MONTHLYCOST” to “0”.

Easy Money:
Install a lot of bathroom cabins in the passenger terminal, then save the game.
Destroy all toilets. Money will be added to you. Save the game again.
Now load your saved game. Toilets will appear, and the amount of money
will remain the same. You can repeat this trick as many times as you like..

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