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December 24, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Alan Wake – List of achievements (Achievements) + Tips

Follow the Light – 10G
Enlightenment in a dream.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 1
Let There Be Light – 10G
You have restored power.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 1
Nordic Walking / Nordic walking – 10G
In terms of health, you have a clear advantage over Stucky. Namely, you
not dead.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 1
Bright Falls’ Finest / Cream Bright Falls -20G
You finally made that call.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 1
Under a Thin Layer of Skin – 10G
You violated the ranger’s instructions
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 2
Park Ranger / Ranger – 15G
Survived Elderwood National Park
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 3
Wheels Within Wheels – 20G
You found the kidnapper, but his words didn’t make you feel better.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 4
Perchance to Dream / Perhaps to dream – 20G
Reflect on what happened.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 4
Gatekeeper – 10G
Interrupt the power supply to the substation.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 5
The Lady of the Light – 20G
Find out what kind of secret she guards.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 6
Tornado Wrangler / Tornado Tamer – 20G
Deal with the tornado.
This achievement is given to you automatically according to the plot of the game in Episode 6
Departure / Care – 40G
Finish the game on Normal difficulty
Finish the game on Normal difficulty. Approximately 10-12 hours of play.
Hardboiled Writer / Veteran writer – 40G
Finish the game on hard difficulty.
see “Alan, wake up”
Alan, Wake Up / Alan, wake up – 50G
Finish the game on Nightmare difficulty.
To unlock the Nightmare difficulty, you must complete the game at least once on any difficulty.
The difficulty of the nightmare means that the enemies are stronger, instead of 2 shots
it will take 4 to kill the enemy. Less ammo is given and other supplies.
If It Flies, It Burns / I don’t fly myself and don’t give to others – 20G
You are not a bird lover, are you?
You just have to kill 1000 birds. Lots of birds at the end of Episode 2. They will attack
you and barry. The method is this: destroy the birds until Alan says
“Barry? You can already open it. They are no more. ” After this moment
restart the checkpoint and again everything is the same. 3-4 visits and your achievement.
They’re Heeeeeere! / They are here! 20G
Destroyed 20 Obsessed Items.
You will definitely get this by going through the game. Possessed objects will appear from episode 3,
just aim a flashlight at them.
The Six-Gun Scribe / Bagpiper – 20G
Kill 100 Taken with a revolver.
Not hard to do, you should get this achievement in one playthrough.
Taken Season – 20G
Kill 50 Taken with a gun.
The rifle does not come across so often, it is best to do it at the end of episode 4. You
will be on stage and you will be attacked by crowds of enemies.
It’s Not Just a Typewriter Brand – 20G
Kill 50 Taken with a shotgun.
The same as with the hunting rifle, the shotgun comes across more often.
What Light Through Yonder Window / What a reflection is seen on the balcony – 20G
Kill 50 Taken with the Rocket Launcher.
Rocket Launcher ammo is rare, but you will surely get it
achievement in one playthrough. One shot can immediately hit 3-4 enemies.
Just use it when there are groups of enemies of 3-4 possessed.
Thunder and Lightning – 20G
Kill 50 Obsessed with Light Grenades.
Easy advancement, in the middle of episode 3 you will only have these
grenades. Try to kill 3 enemies at once, and perhaps by the end of the episode you
get the achievement. If you have not received, do not be discouraged, further for the game you
there will be many more chances to catch up.
Collateral Carnage – 20G
20 obsessed were drowned, electrocuted, and indirectly killed.
You need to kill 20 obsessed with electricity, gas cans explosion, etc. The most
an easy place to do this in Episode 3 of Mirror Top. There will be
there are a lot of gas cylinders, shoot at them when there are enemies nearby. There is
one place where you will need to turn off the electricity to go further, until
There will be many gas cylinders and many enemies on the way to the switch. Kill and
reload the country point until you get the achievement.
Come One, Come All / In one fell swoop four beats – 10G
Kill 4 Taken in a single rocket launcher shot.
This can be done at the end of Episode 3 when you fall off the roof onto the first
floor in a large building.
Sound and Fury – 10G
Kill 4 Possessed with a single flash grenade.
This is easy to do in Episode 3. After reaching the pickup truck and the spotlights next to it,
take a flash grenade, not including the spotlights, go to the barn opposite,
take a shotgun there and quickly run out into the street. You will be attacked by many
enemies. As there are about 4-5 enemies near you, throw a grenade if 4
the enemy will perish your achievement. If not, restart the test
point and re.
Two For the Price of One – 10G
Kill 2 Obsessed with one shotgun blast.
It’s not difficult, weaken two enemies with light and stand so that they are close
with each other, shoot in the middle so that both are hooked and that’s it.
Right of Way – 15G
Crush 15 Obsessed while driving.
It’s very easy, at the end of episode 2 you will be driving a car, go slowly
and crush all the enemies you see. If the achievement is not given, restart
control point and on a new one.
Heavy Metal / Heavy Metal – 10G
You destroyed the bulldozer
In the middle of episode 3, you will be attacked by a Dark-Possessed Bulldozer. You need it
destroy with light, no matter what with a flashlight or flare.
Iron Horse – 10G
The train engine runs out of steam.
At the end of episode 3 in an abandoned city, you will be attacked by parts from a steam locomotive
possessed by darkness. Destroy them with light and your achievement. It doesn’t matter with
using a flashlight, flare, flare gun or flash grenade.
Boob Tube / Box – 5G
You have learned important news
You will run away from darkness in the clinic (4 episode). In the same room you will find yourself with
two statues of bears blocking the doorway. Make them disappear with
use the flare, go through the formed passage and turn left.
Upon entering the room, you will see the TV, turn it on and your achievement.
Medical Opinions – 10G
Have you listened to Hartman’s recordings.
In episode 4, in the clinic, after you took possession of the keys, in one of the rooms
you will find a tape recorder. You need to listen to all the recordings on it. There are three of them.
Turn it on, first one will lose as it ends, turn it on a second time, and then
third. After clicking the third time, the achievement will open.
Child of the Elder God – 10G
Get in touch with the world of rock ‘n’ roll without harmful health effects.
At the end of episode 4, you will be on stage and must fight off many enemies, when
your health should remain normal. Shoot back and don’t let
enemies hit you. When Barry turns on the light, going into it will be autosaving.
If you were not injured, go in and save, if after saving you were wounded,
restart checkpoint.
Drink ‘Em Both Up -10G
Add lime to coconut twice.
This achievement has two parts. In episode 1, you need to turn on the
jukebox. Second time in episode 5 at Bright’s Diner. You
you must also turn on the jukebox.
Back! Back, I Say! / Back! Back you are told! – 10G
You gave yourself a little respite with the flare..
When your health is very low, light the flare and hold it until
it will not go out.
Float Like a Butterfly – 15G
You dodged the hit … masterfully!
see “Into the milk”
Missed by a Mile / Into milk – 25G
Dodge 20 times in slow motion.
You just need to dodge enemies 20 times, it is considered when you dodge
slow motion.
Energized! / Charged! – 10G
You have replaced the batteries 100 times.
Playing on normal difficulty will get you there quickly. There are always a lot of batteries
can be picked up, so spend, do not be afraid that there will not be enough.
Meet the Deadline – 30G
You reached the Lake Coldron viewpoint in less than 30 minutes.
In Episode 3, in Mirror Summit, you will need to get to the observation deck
in 30 minutes. The countdown starts from the moment after the telephone
call you failed to the first floor (Mine Museum). And before when you
jump from the roof of a large ruined house, going down a little more you
go to the observation deck and the achievement will open if you met 30
minutes. Quite easy if you don’t collect any items.
An Idyllic Small Town / Pastoral Town – 30G
Complete Bright Falls Nightlife in a single run without dying or
starting over.
Must complete the first part of Episode 5 without dying or overloading the checkpoint.
The report starts as soon as the current level starts and you are in the police. And before that
the moment you board the helicopter.
Gunless Wonder – 30G
Get to Lake Coldron in “On the Road to Lake Coldron” without a single
For this achievement, you are not allowed to use weapons, nor can the rocket launcher. Not yet
get to the lake. The flare can be used. You’ll get
achievement when you reach a tornado.
Carny / Balagan – 10G
Shoot down 5 pyramids from cans.
Finders Keepers / What I Found Is Mine – 20G
Found 5 hidden crates.
see “Scrape on the bottom”
Every Nook and Cranny – 30G
Find all the hidden boxes.
Paging Mr. Wake / The Story of Mr. Wake – 20G
Found 25 manuscript pages.
see “Waste paper collection”
Picking Up After Yourself – 30G
Find all pages of a manuscript in normal mode.
Collector’s Edition – 50G
Collect all manuscript pages in the game, including those on Nightmare difficulty.
Damn Good Cup of Coffee / A cup of excellent coffee – 20G
Find 25 thermoses of coffee.
see “Coffeeman”
Hypercaffeinated / Coffeeman – 30G
Find all the coffee flasks
KBF-FM – 30G
Listen to all radio broadcasts.
Couch Potato / Telemaniac – 30G
View all TV shows.
Bright Falls Aficionado / Bright Falls Expert – 30G
Find all signs.

The following achievements can only be earned if you purchased the DLC: Signal
Worth it DLC 560 Microsoft Points

A Friend In Need – 25G
Specialist. Appendix 1. Find someone to help you.
This story achievement is automatically awarded to you..
A Friend Indeed / Known in Trouble – 50G
Specialist. Appendix 1. Follow the signal to the very end.
This story achievement is automatically awarded to you. Get it by completing all DLC.
Fast and Furious – 25G
Specialist. Addition 1. Win the final battle in less than 1 minute. 30 sec.
You will have to fight the TV in the final. The best weapon for this
fight is a rocket launcher, well, if it is not, then use signal flares. Will be
several stages of the struggle, first in Alan’s apartment immediately activate the signal
rocket. Then jump into the warehouse, there the TV again hangs all sorts of rubbish on
yourself. Gasim and goes to the third final stage at the pier. Here it will fall from
the boat will close it, you must destroy the boat. After the boat
destroyed if met during the achievement unlocked.
Words Will Never Harm You / Words do not hurt – 25G
Specialist. Appendix 1. Fire up all the stoves in the basement.
You will walk through the church to the basement. There will be many stoves in the basement with
the word “Blast furnace”. Shine a light on each to make the oven light up. After the last
fired oven achievement will unlock.
Run-on Sentence / No blots – 50G
Specialist. Appendix 1. Complete the episode without overloading the game or restarting it from
control point.
You must complete all DLC in one game session. Can’t restart
checkpoint and die. Good luck.
License Revoked – 20G
Specialist. Addition 1. Complete the episode without using vehicles.
You cannot board any transport. After you get over the fence
on the knocked down crane, you will see the words “Red Box” and “Wheels”. On you
trucks will attack, you need to overcome them with light and in no case
gets into the car. Go to the barn, as current you climb out of the barn through the window,
the achievement will open.
Tick ​​Tock / Tick-tock – 30G
Specialist. Appendix 1. Find 10 hidden alarms.
Cardboard Companion / Cardboard Companions – 25G
Specialist. Appendix 1. Find all the cardboard shapes.

The following achievements can only be earned if you purchased the DLC: The Writer
Worth it DLC 560 Microsoft Points

All 250G can be obtained at one time, but it is better to divide it into 2 passes:

First playthrough:
The first playthrough will be easy. Concentrate on picking up items (discs with
Night Springs games) (Licensed Properties).
Whirlwind, then Heartbreaker, also don’t forget about Creative Space and Go Gentle
Into That Good Light. At the end of the game, take out the boss without much damage to health
for Iron Will. If something went wrong, you can download the latest

Second playthrough:
Now is the time to tackle No Punctuation. Choose normal difficulty and
try not to die. not so difficult: now we know everything
obstacles and difficulties, we look under our feet and count each jump, more
we dodge and save the checkers for the final battle. Good luck!
Ding! / Ding Ding! – 5G
Specialist. Appendix 2. Take an elevator ride.
Achievement linked to the storyline, impossible to miss.
Kill Your Darlings – 50G
Specialist. addition 2. Destroy the last obstacle between yourself and the target.
Whirlwind – 20G
Special add-on 2. Pass the tornado in less than 60 seconds.
You need to run the tornado section in less than 60 seconds. As soon as we pass
a rotating house, we drown in full and do not slow down. On the second island
dodge the big guy and jump on. On the stairs we get achivu.
Iron Will – 25G
Special Expansion 2. Survive the last battle without getting serious
I recommend keeping 5-6 checkers and 2-3 flash grenades. The main danger –
crows, we take them out first. If there is serious damage,
restart checkpoint.
Go Gentle Into That Good Light – 25G
Special Expansion 2. Get to the lighthouse without firing a single shot.
You need to go through the section where you need to remove stones with a flashlight, without firing a single shot.
We shine more, stay in place less.
Heartbreaker / Source of Suffering – 20G
Special Supplement 2. Have poison in your ear.
We listen to the dialogue between Hartman and Alan to the end, then press the button on the player
and listen further.
No Punctuation – 50G
Specialist. addition 2. Complete the episode without restarting the game or restarting it from
control point.
No comment. Complete an episode without dying or restarting a checkpoint.
Creative Space / Space for creativity – 25G
Specialist. addition 2. Find a secret place.
When you get to the crashed plane, go under its right wing to the rock,
there you will find a cave, go there.
Licensed Properties – 30G
Specialist. add-on 2. Find 10 video games from Night Keys.
1. In the maze, go left.
2. By the fireplace after a fight with the guys, at the Hartman clinic.
3. As soon as we see Zane, we get down from the clinic down the stairs and go straight and
left. There will be a game on the urn.
4. On the roof of the revolving house right after the clinic.
5. Leaving the gas station, go right to the car with the deer, then right again,
lying in bed.
6. At the very beginning of the bridge, behind the car on the right.
7. As soon as Zane makes the bridge, go down and look in the bushes.
8. Inside the plane.
9. Behind the lighthouse.
10. Arriving at the lake, instead of the bridge we go up the hill.

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