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October 27, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Alien Swarm: Advice (Adding Bots / AI to Multiplayer)

To add bots to multiplayer, you need to copy this text into a new * .txt you created, which you will later need to rename to autoexec.cfg (if there is one, just open it and add it on a new line) and place it in the cfg folder (.. . \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ alien swarm \ swarm \ cfg):
bind “KP_END” “cl_selectm 0 -1”
bind “KP_DOWNARROW” “cl_selectm 1 -1”
bind “KP_PGDN” “cl_selectm 2 -1”
bind “KP_LEFTARROW” “cl_selectm 3 -1”
bind “KP_5” “cl_selectm 4 -1”
bind “KP_RIGHTARROW” “cl_selectm 5 -1”
bind “KP_HOME” “cl_selectm 6 -1”
bind “KP_UPARROW” “cl_selectm 7 -1”
bind “KP_DEL” “cl_dselectm 0; cl_dselectm 1; cl_dselectm 2; cl_dselectm 3; cl_dselectm 4; cl_dselectm 5; cl_dselectm 6; cl_dselectm 7; cl_dselectm 8”
echo “Keypad 1 – Sarge”
echo “Keypad 2 – Wildcat”
echo “Keypad 3 – Faith”
echo “Keypad 4 – Crash”
echo “Keypad 5 – Jaeger”
echo “Keypad 6 – Wolfe”
echo “Keypad 7 – Bastille”
echo “Keypad 8 – Vegas”
echo “Keypad. – Remove all bots”

After that, create a game lobby, press any number from 2 to 9, then press any more number (from 1 to 9) already on keypad, and voila – your bot is ready. I apologize, I cannot give the names attached to the buttons, because I don’t use it much myself.
1) If the bots are ordered to stop in the game (Hold position), they will hold the position and will not follow you, will not open fire; if you order to go (Go) – they will follow you, will actively cover with fire and heal (if there are medics).
2) Medics: if a medic is given a healing gun, he will automatically heal everyone. If you give medical school bags (boxes), they will have to be manually set.
3) Bots can also place turrets, throw grenades, weld doors, take cartridges, etc. (This is done in the same way as you do: you put the turret on the 1 key, order the bot to put the turret – 2,3,4.) But they cannot take turrets back with them, throw weapons and run ahead of you (: D).
4) You will not be credited with experience earned by bots.
5) You can delete bots using the keypad DEL.
6) If someone connects to you while you are in the lobby, delete the bots, wait for the one who connects and create bots again.

Good game!

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