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November 16, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Animal Crossing: Wild World: Game Tips

Become friends with Sable:
Go to the Able Sisters store and find Sable there, talk to her every day,
until she becomes a friend.

Birthday cake:
Someone will give you a birthday cake if you play your birthday.

Time change:
If you change the system time to some extreme,
then you will be punished in your nature. When you resume your game,
there will be hundreds of weeds everywhere, which will take a long time to clear them.
The only plus is that you can find four leaf clover.

Donation rewards:
Spend a certain number of calls for Boondox (Bells to Boondox),
to get to the corresponding reward:
10,000 calls – Green Feather
200,000 calls – Blue Feather
500,000 calls – Yellow Feather
800,000 calls – Red Feather
1,100,000 calls – Purple Feather
1,400,000 calls – White Feather
6,400,000 calls – Rainbow Feather

Run next songs when “^” appears before the note,
use a higher octave.

The Simpsons Theme:
^ F_ _ ^ A _ ^ G _ ^ D ^ C _ _ ^ A_ ^ F_ ^ D

The Legend Of Zelda theme:
^ A _ E _ _ ^ A ^ A ^ B ^ C ^ D ^ E _ _ Z Z Z

Super Mario Bros Theme:
E E _ E _ C E _ ^ G _ _ Z G ZZZ

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