Anno 1404: Advice (Hack for Gems via Cheat Engine)

Probably many people wanted to get different decorative elements, coats of arms, colors and portraits for drag. stones, but these same stones were not.

If so, then I will tell you how you can hack into their number.

!!!Achtung !!! All this must be done in a new world, or an unnecessary save, otherwise you will lose all your progress on your save. Do everything at your own peril and risk.

1 step.

Launch the game and open the Cheat Engine program and select the game process. 

Step 2.

Open the menu with decorations, minimize the game and enter the value 300 in the Cheat Engine search.

Step 3.

Click on the first result and scroll to the very bottom, and there, holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys, click on the very last item, and then shuffle it all in the lower field.

Step 4.

We are waiting for the program to hang, when it hangs, select everything with Ctrl + A and press Enter, and enter the value -9999.

Step 5. go into the game, buy the latest decorations for -9999, and buy the rest. If the game crashed, then it’s okay, everything we did is saved.

Download CheatEngine from our server you can here.

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