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November 16, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Assassin’s Creed Director’s Cut Edition: Tips

In a mission where you need to kill William Monferat (Acre), it is better to first clear the castle from archers. If you did not do this, but began to complete the mission, then after entering the castle, go left into the alley and climb the building. It is better not to run along the castle wall, as there are many archers. Jump over buildings, greeting all oncoming archers with throwing daggers. When you get to William, knock him down and, in spite of the guard, rush out of the castle. Remember that the main gate will be closed, so you need to run to the tower and jump from it into the hay cart. This is how I successfully completed this mission..

Killing Al-Mualim is easy. To do this, you need to remove the sword and get the hidden dagger, then run into the gazebo, and when the old man climbs after you, stand in his arms. He will crash to the ground, and it will not be difficult to finish him off..

Complete all boring missions for climbing towers and rescuing townspeople – for them additional synchronization is given, and you will reach level 20 faster.

Jumping from building to building, you don’t have to press the “sprint / run” button every time – your character will jump on his own when it needs to be done.

You should always kill the archers on the roof, thereby clearing your way to a possible lack of.

In the first mission – “Find the Traitor” – pick up flags: they increase your abilities. Flags can be found on the territory of the fortress and the village.

When saving townspeople, try the following: do not use a hint (set a target, etc.), but strike with a switch knife – if you have time, you can knock up two opponents at once.

The easiest way to kill a Templar: just run up to him from the side and stick a hidden blade in his neck. If he noticed you, then use a running jerk – and again a bayonet in the throat.

You can kill Al-Mualim in one more simple way – throw all throwing knives at him from afar, and then it remains to make only one blow with the sword and the job is done.

When fighting with a large concentration of enemies, keep the block button constantly pressed and press the blow with each enemy attack. As a result, Altair will kill with one or two hits. As a rule, opponents will approach one by one.

I will give some tips for passing:
1. When fighting a large number of opponents (more than 3) ALWAYS reflect their attacks.
2. Before taking on a kill mission, always remove archers from rooftops.
3. Climb all the towers, save all the townspeople, don’t kill innocents – and your synchronization will increase!

As often as possible, attend training in Masyafe, the more you hone your skills, the easier it will be to complete the game! Special emphasis should be placed on counterstrike and counter-grab.
By the way, when counterattacking, during its execution, simultaneously with the attack, try to press the button of the legs (there usually sprints, jumps) or hands (grab, push) – interesting combinations can be obtained.
If you are surrounded by opponents – do not try to stand in the block and catch them on counterstrikes.
Turn around, attacking opponents in a random order (movement keys and constantly press the attack button), because while Altair moves from enemy to enemy, he manages to make a stronger swing without losing time and sometimes deceives the enemy with turns.

1) In Acre, in a wealthy area, there is one very well hidden Templar. How to find it: There is a single “interrogation” in this area, next to it a vantage point. First, climb onto the roof of a tall building near the interrogation site. Archers will walk there. Look around and you will see a dilapidated structure. There is a Templar next to the traditional chest.
2) In a poor area of ​​Jerusalem, several Templars stand on rooftops.
3) When an informant gives a task to kill guards or archers without causing an alarm, then this is easiest to do with the help of throwing knives.

Combat tactics (from 5 to 72 people, could no longer collect): for this you need a counterattack skill – keep a block constantly and use a counterattack when you are attacked, attack only after a counterattack and no more than 2-3 times, then block again … If you have the dodge skill, then I advise you to dodge strong attacks or after blocking them, since at this time you are more vulnerable.
Before getting the counterattack skill, it is better not to mess with more than 5 enemies at all.

In hand-to-hand combat, the tactics are simple: hit, blocked the blow, then hit again, blocked the blow, etc..

When you have few lives left – do not resist, when the enemy tries to push you back, this will help you get out of the battle.

Hide from archers behind enemies who attack close, sometimes archers can be very useful to you, hitting your enemies.

If you run out of lives – find the flag and health will be full (this will help at the very end of the game).

1) Al-Mulalim is easiest to kill with a hidden blade during a counter attack.
2) You don’t need to throw knives at the Templars, they still don’t die from them (hit 5 times and to no avail).
3) Also, it is better not to throw the Templars or push them from the rooftops, if you throw off, you will not be counted as a murder. Have to kill again.
4) Well, about archers, and so much has been written – kill EVERYONE in the area of ​​your assignment, 100% will help.
5) Use killing guards to distract others. For example, kill one near the gate you need to go through, and the guards will go to see what happened there..
6) Sometimes you have to kill innocents, namely drunkards and mentally retarded – they can interfere with the task and hide from the chase, but you will lose synchronization. To choose for you.
7) During interrogation, it happens that the interrogated does not go to a place where he could be “interrogated”, in such cases, grab him and throw him into the nearest quiet lane.

At the final stages, when the location is limited by the “wall of memory” and a crowd of people yearns for our death, the “running along the perimeter” method works very well: we distribute the curls to the right and left, we ourselves also rake, and when we feel that we are already completely raking, we start running in a circle to restore life. Restored, we stop, we wait for the guys and-take two … Long and tiring. It may be cowardly and dishonest, but it hurts a lot…

The game has one trick: after completing the entire game, try again to get into the animus and kill the innocent. Synchronization will not fall.

In the battle with Al-Mualim:
1. The first phase of killing nine labor targets will not be.
2. Second phase, when Al-Mualim “multiplies” use eagle sight. Concentrate your attacks on what’s yellow.
3. The third phase can be ended immediately with a hidden blade counterattack. If you do not do this and repel the attack or capture al mu’alim, it will desynchronize you. Look for him by the light “Pieces of Eden” in his hand. Throw a knife at him. Synchronization will be restored completely. Try to kill him with a hidden blade.

In the laboratory:
In front of the 6th memory block, before you climb into the animus, steal the pen from the vidicist from his pocket when he is facing the window. After completing the memory block, you can rummage around in his computer, there in one message the access code from the door to the meeting room will be said (you can go there after completing the entire game). There will be another computer, you can read something interesting in it.
Try talking to Lucy Stillman after each block of memory. She will tell a lot of interesting things.
Try to play the game on a gamepad, it’s harder but more interesting.

Many opponents are easiest to kill with the block key held down and at the moment of attack of one of the enemies (as a rule, they attack one by one) press the hit key – opponents die with one hit.

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