Assassin’s Creed: Origins: Tip (Adjusting Camera Distance)

You can bring the camera closer to the main character by lowering the “angle of view” indicator in the settings inside the game. 
The problem is that the acceptable FOV values ​​range from 85 to 120 or so.. 
I wanted to enjoy the beauty of various legendary costumes for the main character up close, but the game did not allow.
Although 85 may be enough for someone, but if you want to look at everything in more detail, then it is enough to change the parameter value we need manually.
The parameter inside the config looks like this “FOVScale = 0.85000”, change it to “FOVScale = 0.70000”, I don’t advise less, the character’s head will already go beyond the screen. 
The configuration file is located at “C: \ Users \ User_name \ Documents \ Assassin’s Creed Origins”
The file is called “ACO.ini”

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