Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: Advice (Hacking Animus, How to Get Abstergo Credits in Multiplayer)

I stumbled upon this feature completely by accident, and if the user GarretSSS had not helped me, I probably would never have known that this method works for everyone.
So. How can you rob Abstergo? 🙂 The answer is very simple.

All you need to do is change the date on your computer for 2011, start the game and (tadam!) They tell you, “you haven’t been blabbling for a long time …” and give out 300 Abstergo credits, as well as increased experience and additional. credits for each game played) By the way, if it stops giving credits, then you need to go to our present time and the bonus will be given again; then “return to the past” – and again a bonus.
But that’s not all! When you, so to speak, “travel in time” in pursuit of loans, you may, for a completely incomprehensible reason, open up collectible characters.
Namely: Crusader, Jester and Doctor. True, there is a small minus here – when loading collectible Persians, the settings for characters and abilities are reset, but in my opinion for the sake of three new
Persians can dress their characters and abilities anew, especially since purchased clothes, etc. remain, and they do not need to be bought again, but only to wear / choose again.

Once again I thank user GarretSSS for help and wish everyone a successful and rich game 🙂

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