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July 1, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Battlefield 1942 Tip (Game Tips & Tactics)

For owners of SB Audigy sound cards running the game under Win98SE / Me / 2000 / XP with the 5.xx drivers installed: run the dxdiag.exe utility and in the “Sound” tab move the “Hardware Acceleration” slider to the extreme left position. Nightmare “brakes” as if by hand will remove.

To run the game under Win2000 / XP with a screen refresh rate over 60 Hz, install patch 1.1, go to Settings, open the VideoDefault.con file and in the line “renderer.allowAllRefreshRates” replace zero with one.

There is a submarine on the Battle of Midway map. You just need to find a hatch in the ship, go down there and start drowning the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun.

So, to accelerate the speed, take the plane take off until you can not press the button again and use the keys to set altitude and snowing, hold the descent and to the right, then, as you level the plane, take off again to the limit, release {~} and enter the code – aicheats. code tojohotheallseeing or aicheats.code emmarkassongunsikol.Nathan

Be sure to choose a sniper. When you appear, run to the nearest plane and fly to the rescue to the nearest enemy post. On any hillock, sit down far from enemies and shoot everyone who is there, and when you shoot everyone, capture it.

In Desert combat there is a map where the Americans land on the shore (I don’t remember the name, but this map is in all mods) there it turns out, as it were, a gorge go to the left, to the side where the jeep is and a sniper lies a little further, the soldier takes out from the Lying position the first shot of the car somewhere from 4.

In fact, in city maps (Berlin, Stalingrad), it is best to go as a medic:
First, he has a great machine gun regardless of faction;
Secondly, after skirmishes, you can hide around any corner and heal!

On the “Market Garden” map, it is very easy to hold the “Stone Bridge” point alone, if you play as an engineer – soldiers are easily killed with a rifle, vehicles are blown up by mines, and in the bunker there is a first-aid kit and a box with patronage!

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