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April 28, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Battlefield 2 Tips (How to Make Your Game Better) Part 3

Hello! )
This is the third part of the topic “how to make the game more convenient”!

How to increase the jump height and running speed of a soldier:
Go to Battlefield 2 \ mods \ bf2 \ \ soldiers \ Common \ Common.con and we do the “procedure for removing the tick” (whoever read the previous parts knows what it means, and by the way, this procedure will still be needed, do not forget it :)), then go to Common.con and find the lines:

Vars.Set phy-soldier-speed-factor 1.0
Vars.Set phy-soldier-jump-factor 1.0

  1. string is: running speed.
  2. string, this is: jump height.

And it’s probably no secret to anyone that the developers did so that the higher the impact speed, the more life is taken away, what I mean, if you increase the speed, then you will be damaged, and the higher the speed, the higher the damage will be from any bump, dimples, mounds;
But there is not very good but the way out is to increase the life of a soldier, how? I will describe below.
And if you increase the speed, then all the bots in the game will run at that speed (and if you look at them from the side it will wake up cool :)).

How to increase life (hitpoints):
We go to: Battlefield 2 \ mods \ bf2 \ \ soldiers \  and then we choose who to increase life ch – Chinese, eu – Europeans, mec – MEK, Us – Americans;
For example, I want to increase hp to Europeans, go to \ soldiers \ eu \ So:

 1- eu_heavy_soldier.tweak    

Battlefield 2 Tips (How to Make Your Game Better) Part 3


  2- eu_soldier.tweak            

Next, “the procedure for removing the checkmark” and open some of the files or both files (depending on who you want to increase the hp), and find the lines:

ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 100
ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 100

And change 100 to whatever you need.

How to increase your stamina:
In the same files (eu_heavy_soldier.tweak, eu_soldier.tweak or any other nation), we find the lines:

ObjectTemplate.SprintRecoverTime 8
ObjectTemplate.SprintDissipationTime 11
ObjectTemplate.SprintLimit 0.05
ObjectTemplate.SprintLossAtJump 0.15

  1. string, this: stamina recovery time.
  2. string, this: stamina dissipation time.
  3. string, in my opinion, how much endurance is taken away when accelerating.
  4. line is: how much stamina will be taken away when jumping.

How to increase the lying time of bodies:
Probably someone did not quite understand, by “lying bodies” I mean the time before the disappearance of the corpse, that is, not a half-dead, half-dead soldier who can be lifted with a defibrillator, but whose corpse did not have time to be lifted, some will think a trifle, but others will wake up cool, and so: in the same files (eu_heavy_soldier.tweak, eu_soldier.tweak) find the lines:

ObjectTemplate.armor.wreckhitpoints 320
ObjectTemplate.armor.TimeToStayAsWreck 6

  1. line is: life of a corpse.
  2. the line is: the time the corpse is lying, that is, if the life of the corpse is still there and the time is over, then it will disappear.


That’s all for now, ask questions in the comments, how I can help! ))

 Good luck!    

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