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March 24, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Battlefield 2 Tips (How to Make Your Game Better) Part 2

Hello! )

This is the second part of the heading “How to make the game more convenient”, and so:

How to add a time limit for a round (after this time expires, the round ends, even if the tickets have not run out):

Go to: My Documents \ Battlefield2 \ Profiles \ Default \ ServerSettings.con and find this line:

sv.timeLimit 0

We replace the zero with the time limit we need in seconds, for example: we want the round to end in 8 minutes, regardless of whether the tickets run out or not, we must write 480 instead of zero.

How to change the number of rounds:

You need to go to ServerSettings.con and find this line:

roundsPerMap **

** (this is the number) – replace with how many yfv you need.

Attention! After changing the ServerSettings.con file, you need to go to the properties of the file and put a checkmark in front of “read only”, otherwise after turning on the game everything that you changed will go to the previous values ​​(that is, those that were before when you changed them).

How to reduce the reload time of artillery:

We go into the folder with the game: Battlefield 2 \ mods \ bf2 \ \ Weapons \ common \ RemoteControlledObjects \ and do the well-known “procedure” for unchecking the checkbox in the properties, with “read-only”, for these files:

ArtilleryControlObjectMEC.con and ArtilleryControlObjectUS.con, depending on which side you will play, and after returning these files, open the desired file, and find this line:

ObjectTemplate.minTimeBetweenActivation 5 -> time between volleys

Instead of a five, write as much as you need.

The “Scanner” can be configured in the same way: SatelliteControlObject.con.

How to set up air reset machines:

All this is in the same: \ Weapons \ common \ RemoteControlledObjects \ but already with a file called: DropVehicle.con, after the “procedure” open this file and find these lines:

ObjectTemplate.NoPassengerTimeToLive 30

CommanderMenu.VehicleDropReloadTime 60

gameLogic.VehicleDropHeight 50.  

  1. Line: the time after which the vehicle is liquidated if no one got into it
  2. Stitch: machine recharge.
  3. Line: the height from which the vehicle will be dropped.

How to setup UAV:

In the same archive, open the file: UAVControlObject.con and find the lines:

ObjectTemplate.minTimeBetweenActivation 5

objectTemplate.uavVehicleSpeed ​​40

objectTemplate.uavVehicleFlightHeight 80

  • Line: Time Between Use.
  • Line: drone speed.
  • Stitch: flight height.


That’s all for now, ask questions in the comments, how I can help! ))

 Good luck!                                                                                                           

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