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April 15, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Battlefield 2142: Tip (Add vehicles to any map)

In fact, it is not very difficult, I will say it right away 1) it is difficult to guess and 2) place it on the map.
So, let’s begin
We go to the folder with the game mods / bf2142 / levels / delete the file with the .md5 resolution, select the file that is in the size folder.
Here we can see a lot of writing, but if you know other names (system), everything will not be so difficult 
as (eu) _ag-helicopter, at-transport, tank-and so everything is clear, APC-armored personnel carrier, fav-car, mech-robot, pod-assault bot (why is it there)
And so I will take as an example my favorite map “Cerber Landing” SP mode, as we know there are only three technicians-PAK: Robot, machine, EC: machine. It can be difficult to be in a car against a robot, let’s add an EC-am robot. 
To do this, open a map where there is a robot (European), for example Verden. And also by default 1-EU 2 PAK. We are looking for the first column with a mention of the robot, because column 1 then this is the European robot. Just take (copy from rem-to-spawn) and paste into Serber Landing (keep the distance between the graphs).
Now more complicated things, we need to give its place and the statement that it exists. According to the idea, its place on the map (from where it was taken) is spelled out in the account, that is, the graph with the robot was the 3rd in a row, we reach if v_arg1 == host and start counting up to 3.
Now set the layer from 7 to 4, points 601 to 301, rotation as you like. As for me, I relied on the Gas barrel, its location is 14 (or 28) / 97/222 WARNING: EVERYWHERE X, Y, Z GOES BUT HERE X / Z / Y.  We make the X value by 14 more (you can even more, but this is at your discretion). 
That’s all now the robot should have on the map, if it does not appear, then check whether it was copied and (or) retreated from the graphs. 

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