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December 19, 2022
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By Jonny Gamer

Beat Cop: Tips For Passing
Important points on the map

The game lasts 21 days. During all these days you will be on the same area! At the same time, from the very beginning and up to the end, absolutely all buildings are available for visiting, with the exception of the shed to the right of the car repair shop. Check out our card below.Beat Cop: Tips For Passing
What is depicted on it:

1. Boutique clothes (607).
2. Cafe Rica (607).
3. Pizzeria Louis, Mafia Habitat (609).
4. Store of alcoholic beverages, seller Ivan (611).
5. Sex shop, Seller Froggi (613).
6. Jewelry Store, Karina (613).
7. Market Adamski (615).
8. Automaster Mattias (617).
nine. Lane Between the workshop and pharmacy PC (619).
10. Pharmacy PC (621).
11. Cafe “Moonboot”, norm (621).
12. Church, Priest Mushroom (629).
13. Donut Shop (631).
fourteen. Laundry (631).
15. Lombard, habitat gang (dark-skinned).
16. Electronics store (633).

Yellow markers on map marked telephone booths.


Below you can see the screenshot with the numbering of the most important elements of the interface.Beat Cop: Tips For Passing
You have access to several useful “Police Tools”. Bottom panels is your belt. It has a clock, a watches, a set of blanks to prescribe fines, handcuffs, revolver and notebook.

Clock (1) Show current time. If you click on them, you will see how much time it remains to the end of the shift. In the middle of the shift you will always be informed that half a day.

Filing (2) is useful in several situations. Jack will use it automatically whenever he needs to call a patrol for the caught criminal. You can also call a manually evacuator for towing a car, which was discharged by any of the three types of fines. You can call the evacuator through the “Machine” function in cases where you found a wanted car. Finally, if you found a suspect and see the portrait over his head, then every time you have to click on the first function.

Your main weapon in the game – Fine Blanches (3). Kelly will write down the form after you select what you want to finish the car. If you want to save time, you first better run up to the car, and after that write a fine. To make a fine enough to choose one violation. Even if you see that the car has bad rubber and it is parked in the wrong place, choose both items optionally – the number of penalties written (forms).

Handcuffs (4) can only be used when catching small criminals. When you beat them and find yourself in 2-3 steps, then the “Handcuff” icon will be highlighted by a blue edging. Click on it and see how Jack arrests a criminal. In some Kelly dialog branches will use handcuffs automatically.

The use of a gun (5) is limited to two robbery. You will need to shoot a group of three criminals twice. Click the mouse in those moments when the crossbar will be on the body of the enemy.

Last Element – Notepad (6). It is divided into four parts. In the first indicated notes – current tasks for the day. For example, you can order to visit certain owners of outlets or write out fines. Information that is more irrelevant is underlined with a solid line. So you will know that the fulfillment of this task is suspended – you either have already done it, or missed your chance.

The following section contains your fines for the day. Sometimes there will be information about how to write out the fines. The third part is the plot. Here you will find all the information associated with the main storyline. Check from time to time not to miss an important action. The last section contains statistics that indicates the number of funds, a reputation in the police, a gang and mafia.

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