BioShock Remastered: Advice (Overcome Bug with Sample 192)

What a bug

A bug with sample 192 (lot 192) appears if you use the Infinite Ammo trainer while searching for Dr. Souchong’s serum. When taking the first bottle, the trainer increases its number to the maximum, making it impossible for us to pick up the second one. Gamers caught in a similar situation are forced, at best, to go through a hefty chunk of the game anew, if they saved it on time, at worst – to erase and reinstall everything.

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What to do if you have not yet reached the Olympus Penthouse

Those who have not yet reached level 10 can be advised to turn off the infinite ammo option before taking the first dose and keep it disabled until the end of the level. If you’re already stuck at this point, read on..

What to do if you have already encountered a bug

In order not to replay again, you can use the following “crutch”.

1. Go to the folder C: \ Users \% Username% \ AppData \ Roaming \ BioshockHD \ Bioshock \

2. Open the file User.ini in any text editor.

3. We are looking for (Ctrl + F) unassigned keys, for example F11 or F12. We change their meaning to:

F11 = ghost

F12 = walk

This will allow us to walk through walls and return to normal accordingly. Save and close the file.

4. Start the game. We move to the elevator, which was previously inaccessible to us – Fontaine did not allow us to approach him (which, in fact, Souchong’s serum was supposed to fix).

5. Turn on the mode ghost the key to which you assigned it. You should approach the elevator from the back side, that is, you need to go underground in advance in order to appear already in the car. We press the key to which you assigned walk (disable passage through walls).

6. We press the green button in the elevator. Done!


Thanks to the “crutch” there is no need to replay a large segment of the game again, but there are a couple of disadvantages. First, chances are high that you won’t get a Steam achievement. Broke Fontaine’s Mind Control, which is given for passing this level. Secondly, all plasmid slots will become unavailable until you purchase them again in the “Gatherer’s Garden” machine (located on the next level). Is it worth replaying or spitting on the cons and moving on? Decide for yourself.

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