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January 13, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Black & White: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

I can help you get through the second and third island faster.
The second island: Everything is quite simple here, but if you have problems, then this will help you.
On this island you will have an assistant, the God Khazar, who asks you to help him in the fight against the Evil Bg Leticis. On this island, you continue to learn how to use: places of worship, miracles, human sacrifice, etc. But the main thing is you can be on its territory. If you have little wood and food, then periodically transfer to the Khazar and take everything from him (do not be afraid, he will not live to the end anyway, because.

Black & White: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

because after capturing the first ice village (the third from the castle of Letica), Nemesis will be transferred to the island through the portal and destroy Khazar and his animal and you will have to continue to act alone).
Do you want your people to die dancing near the place of worship, and not wait until the spell is formed, and if not, then transfer to the Khazar village and take people from him and sacrifice them at your place of worship (move your hand to the middle of the bowl, in the middle of the place worship, and lower a person there), and you will immediately get the spell you need (click on the place of worship on any image of miracles, or do everything with gestures. After capturing the last village, kill Leticis. Throw trees, food, people, etc. into the portal. Then dive into the portal yourself.

Third island:
First, build up and go through the training island (F2). If you decided to go through this island faster and facilitate the passage of this island, then use my tactics. After what was listed at the beginning, go through the “Bring the Guru to the Meditation Site” silver scroll. It is difficult to pass, but I am home to you passing this scroll: Follow him without overtaking him and keeping up with him, keep him always in sight – otherwise failure. Do not jerk the mouse too much, because if your monitor loses from the field of view of the Guru, otherwise it will also fail. Getting to the first save is easy. Then follow him to the first blue mushrooms, until he reaches them about three steps, take it up, because he will turn around, and he will not see you at the top, but so that he is in plain sight. Then follow him to the second save location. Then follow him to the second blue mushrooms and repeat what you did before with the first mushrooms. And follow him to the end. After that, he will promise to help you after capturing the first village (he will give a miracle of water to extinguish people – create three miracles of water yourself before they get to the village.), The second village (will help to destroy half of the wolves and stop them for a while, at this time prepare a miracle fire and kill them. Otherwise, the village will go to the enemy and it will be very difficult to capture it (you will need faith 1690). Then he will build a village miracle – This building helps all villages to give birth to more children. It will be useful for you. For the victims. It remains to capture the rest of the villages.

In order to successfully complete the game, be a little patient and more forgiving. All the islands will need a lot of resources and people. Do this, there are practically no problems with food, since the wards themselves collect food or we can help them Miracle with food. We can cope with the population, just create followers of producers, and make a bunch of kids, this grows our population, influence and power. The only problem is the tree, there is no Miracle of the tree on the Fourth Island, and supplies are very low. But there is a small streak of light, take the miracle of water, and a tree. Place the tree on the green part of the ground and water. The tree will produce offspring. The best is the palm tree. Since several new ones are grown from one palm, etc. Here’s a bunch of wood for you. Just be patient, not everyone can do forestry.

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