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May 7, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Black & White: Tip (Some features of the game)

Artifacts: Artifacts are needed to quickly increase faith, not a single miracle in the game except for the “Flock of Birds” will give you so much faith (you can earn up to 600 faith at a time) it’s done quite simply by throwing a stone into the village and free residents start dancing around it to form a full-fledged artifact it will take several days to use it very simply when the artifact is fully charged, then we take it in our hand and just throw it from side to side over a large number of residents, and when it stops working, we just put it so you can do it every 30-60 seconds. real time and it will take about 10 minutes to fully pump the village (9500 faith) if you are not distracted by trifles, you should be afraid to break a stone instead of picking it up. when you get used to throwing it over the inhabitants, sometimes this happens and if a stone is broken, all faith from it disappears and it is no longer an artifact, but 2 stones for an artifact are best suited for a crying head from 3 earth because it cannot be broken

Miracles: or rather, wonderful buildings or something like this is made from 7 forests and for each nation it allows you to increase the effect of a miracle while keeping the same price of a miracle, so the main thing in these buildings is that the effects of the same miracles are summed up, for example, take a Scandinavian miracle, it increases the effect resource miracles such as a miracle of food, wood and water without this miracle a miracle of a tree gives about 1500 units of wood and a miracle of food 704 units of food with a miracle in a fulvic village (9500 faith) a miracle of a tree gives 13500 units of wood and food about 5000 units of food and if you build one more in the same village, it will give about 27000 units of wood and 10,000 units of food, which will make all your villages well-fed and happy 

The mechanics with miracles are quite broken because you can simplify the passage too much with their help.

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