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December 10, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Blitzkrieg: Tip (editing unit stats)

Editing the characteristics of combat units.
All files related to the characteristics are used. are in the data.pak archive data.pak
2.bottom there will be 2 folders Weapons and Units (Weapons and units, respectively) open Units
3. Further 3 folders Humans (Infantry) Technics (Technics) weapons we need the first two.
For example, let’s change the American sniper by opening Humans-Allies-Us_Sniper
We extract the file 1.xml to the directory that the archive itself will indicate. Now in the root folder of the game there is a folder data in it folder Humans, in it Allies, and in it Us_Sniper.
Open the file with a regular notepad, then what can be changed:
MaxHP = “20” – Max. health
Camouflage = “99” – camouflage (with parameters 99, the enemy sees the sniper only if he runs over him, but he is still detectable for the enemy snipers)
WalkSpeed ​​= “7.6” – walking speed
CrawlSpeed ​​= “4.6” – crawling speed
Ammo = “100” – ammunition
Further, if you want to hand the sniper another weapon, do this:
rifle_Springfield is the standard rifle
bazooka – the sniper will walk with a bazooka
mg_34 – sniper with MG 34 (all weapons are stored in the data.pak -> Weapons folder)

By the way! You can go to the archive text.pak and follow the appropriate links to change the name of the unit “American sniper (Bazooka)”

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