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December 7, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Blood Magic: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

There is one easter egg: at the very beginning, in Avon, on the second floor of the tavern (you can go there using the Mystic Way ability) there is a naked woman, if you try to talk to her, she will say that she will call the guard.

Marauders can be killed using a dummy, when they teleport, they have 100-400 damage and they explode.

The game is just super, especially the part when the hero changes.
My advice to you is to use any one magic, for example, Air Magic and Blood Magic. In Blood Magic, a good spell is the Queen of Hearts (no one can damage you for a certain time). Good to use when fighting strong enemies – minimum Life cost.
When using Magic Alchemy and Air, the hero changes in a miraculous way. Good spell Mannequin, I advise you to include it in your arsenal. The enemy dies from using magic in general. Play and enjoy.

Choosing good and powerful magic is difficult. Most rely on their intuition or learning advice. My advice is this: the most powerful combination in my opinion is [Ice Shard] + [Air Mastery], [Ice Shard] + [Air Mastery] helps to fight Mallog. Hope it helps!

In the tavern, in Avon, go up the stairs in the corner to the second floor. In the first room you will see a naked woman. If you talk to her, she will tell you that you are a fool, she will threaten to call the guard. She will then instantly dress up and become Rei Ayanami: Avon’s Teleportation Service. It teleports you to any strategically important point in the city, such as: Main Square, Goodman’s Tavern, Santa’s house, Light and Dark Churches, etc. She will also appear in the form of a naked woman in the magazine, section of the seen characters.

Note: if my memory serves me, then Rei Ayanami is the heroine of the anime “Evangelion”. Who knows – he will understand.

FIRST OF ALL. I want to tell you the secret of the most deadly combination – Chain of Lightning + Mastery of Blood.
SECONDLY. I want to tell you where there is one place where you can buy BLOOD MAGIC SCROLLS. this place is found in Act II in a city called Dessiato. Scrolls can be bought in the Dark Church, regardless of alignment, from a merchant named Ligeia. But scrolls come across often, but not always.

After the release of Hotfix-2, all SAVs presented here do not work.
Therefore, I had to “invent a steam locomotive” myself and the possibility of a dup was discovered. It is very useful when creating “sets” for RUM or forging. Well, money again….
The technology is simple:
1. We enter the game and throw everything that we want to hit on the ground (do it better at the save point, so as not to run later).
2. We save the game and exit to the main menu.
3. Switch to Windows.
4. Open the folder with the profiles of our Persian (.. \ profiles) and look for the file Persian_name.saved.
5. Copy the .saved file somewhere in another folder (it is better to back up all profile files too, outside the folder with the game! Otherwise there will be glitches).
6. Delete files * .bak.
7. Switch to the game, load the profile and select all the abandoned.
8. Save and exit to the glumenu.
9. Switch to Windows and copy the previously saved .saved file to .. \ profiles.
10. Switch to the game, load the profile and see the abandoned gear in the same place.
Dupyetsya absolutely everything!
Personally, I deleted .bak files with every operation. Just in case.

I play as an evil one … And the character does not change from the level of spells, but from the chosen spell … For example, the skill changes the body. In short, the character change is divided into 2 columns, like each sphere of magic … That is, we choose something from magic and a part of the body changes … In general, spells and magic are synchronized … And if 2 spells are pumped from different spheres of one body part and are pumped to the same level, then the part of the body looks as usual … While the most beautiful one for all I played is Air Magic … For him I pass…

You need to download a shard of ice (I have a 7th level), an ice explosion, a tornado with everything attached and acid to taste. We use the splinter most often, urine of individuals, we use a tornado according to the scheme of a locomotive: we gather a crowd behind us and launch a tornado in front, we use acid when we wet a mallog in combination with a splinter (when I wet it, I healed only once)

For interest, I decided to choose some exotic direction – Summoning Magic. If you pump the Summoning Mastery to 3 and Raise Undead to 6, then you can raise a zombie or skeleton, and you need to summon skeletons of not a simple unit, such as an ant or a scorpion, but a master. And then you can run along with the Blood Master, who will cast the Queen of Hearts on you, and together with the spell master, who will cast healing all the time. Then you simply have nothing left to do but just stand by and, on occasion, do not touch the monsters and try not to be touched, your summoned creatures will cope on their own;).
P.S. If possible, always wear things with a bonus on the magic of raising undead, if you pump it, you can summon more than 4 creatures, a kind of your own small army.

You can buy scrolls of magic not only in the first city, but in general in each. You go to the Bright Church. There will be dozens of priests you can trade with, and most importantly, buy scrolls. I warn you right away: you can’t cheat: the scrolls are not restored after a reboot.

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