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October 27, 2020
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Borderlands 2: Advice (Assassin Leveling Tips)

Many years after the last tips for leveling characters, I again decided to plunge into the beautiful and, at the same time, dangerous world of Pandora. And on this occasion I decided to add a third “Council for pumping ..”

And so … We continue our cycle of tips for survival on Pandora. We have already looked at the commando Exton and the reckless schizo shooter Salvador, and now the next in line is the anonymous killer with the callsign Zer.

Great colorless ninja

The assassin to our right is not real. But the enemy does not know this yet, and now he will transfer the fire to him.

Zero’s special skill is “Deception”. The assassin creates a hologram that distracts the fire of enemies on himself, and he himself becomes invisible until the first attack. The longer Zero remains invisible, the more damage this attack will deal. On the other hand, the less time Zero spends invisible, the faster the snag can be activated next time. Although the skill is restored quickly, it also lasts for a very short time – no more than five.

The hologram regularly waves a katana, but does not cause any damage to enemies. This can be corrected by using skills from the Cunning tree. The Bloodshed tree, on the other hand, will significantly increase the katana swinging level of the assassin himself. Well, the Sniping tree is aimed at developing (you won’t believe) long-range marksmanship.

With the speed of death

Only one hit can be made from invisibility. But we don’t need anymore.

Zero differs from his comrades in catastrophic fragility – even the most “armored” set of skills will turn him from a crystal cannon into a cardboard one, but no more. And also – the ability in a short time to disable almost any enemy, including bosses – but this is compensated by a rather large gap between two such “tight deadlines”.

The assassin does not have a clear place on the battlefield – if only not under enemy fire. Zero can work as a sniper from behind the backs of allies, and as a saboteur behind the backs of enemies. However, assemblies for the assassin, as one, are aimed at killing – from close, medium and long distances..

Ezio Auditore

The “Slaughterhouse” wood assembly is designed for lightning-fast approach to the enemy and rapid separation of his head from the body. Nice with great potential for survival – but don’t bury yourself, Zero will have enough health just to kill the enemy and disappear from the line of fire.

We start with the Ir0n Hand skill, which will increase our melee damage and maximum health. After that, we take “Gloom” (Grim) – we increase the recharge speed of shields and active skills. And we finish the first stage of the assembly with the Execute skill. Now, while the decoy hologram is active, our melee attack is not just a hit, but a dash to the target – but only if it is within a radius of three meters.

Now we can jump on the enemy, kill him and … die. The latter would be nice to exclude. Evolve Backstab by increasing backstab damage and swing Resurgence. Now each slaughtered enemy will restore our health.

After that we crawl to the end of the tree. Like the Wind will increase the damage of both our shots and hits if they are fired in motion. And thanks to the final skill, every time we kill the enemy using “Deception”, the hologram will be recreated, and the time of stealth will be extended. Thus, you can conduct a chain of several kills in a row, if you manage to kill each enemy with one hit.

The assembly is perfectly complemented by the skills “Cunning”. First we’ll take the C0unter Strike, after which the damage we take will amplify our next katana attack. Then – “Ambush” (Ambush), which will strengthen attacks in the back and attacks on an enemy who is busy with someone else. After the Death Mark, which will start to be applied by any attack, enemies will take more damage from anything, and Unf0rseen will hurt to detonate our hologram every time it ends.

Tobias Ripper

The assembly of the “Sniper” tree is distinguished by the complete absence of any survivability or regeneration. We only act from afar and hope that our partners will properly entertain the enemy on the front line.

The first skill, Headsh0t, will significantly increase critical damage from all weapons, and Precisi0n will reduce spread. After that, we take the “Drill” skill (B0re) – our bullets will begin to pierce targets right through. It will be possible to hit several enemies with one bullet, and each subsequent one will receive double damage. In addition, during the action of “Deception” on the enemy’s body, vulnerable spots will be highlighted, shots at which will be critical.

Now you can think of allies on the front line, slightly developing “Cunning”. We will acquire “Fast Hands”, accelerating reloading and changing weapons, then “Ambush”, and take “Marked for Death”.

After that, we climb up the Sniper tree to the end. We develop “Velocity” (Vel0city), increasing the bullet speed, damage and critical damage for all types of weapons. One Shot – One Dead (0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill) will increase the damage of the first bullet in each magazine. At 0ne With The Gun will increase the accuracy of the sniper rifle when firing without optics, increase its magazine and further accelerate reloading.

The final skill – Critical Ascensi0n – will allow each critical hit to amplify all subsequent hits, both critical and not. The effect stacks up to 999 (!) Times, but slowly fades away if we do not make critical shots. However, why do you need a sniper rifle, if you do not shoot in the head?

Hattori Hanzo

Ninja Style As It Is – The Cunning tree will turn Zero into a balanced second line fighter, effectively destroying the enemy at medium range. We still do not hold enemy fire, but we dodge it perfectly.

We go down the branch “Counterstrike” – “Ambush” – “Mark of death” – “Surprise”. For survival, we will immediately develop “Excitement” (Innervate), which will increase our damage, speed and health regeneration during the action of the decoy.

The exploding hologram does a lot of damage, but forces us to approach the enemy quite close, despite the fact that we ourselves do not shine in close combat. Let’s fix that with a tour of the Slaughterhouse. First, the already familiar “Iron Hand”, then “Fluidity” (Be Like Water) – each of our blows will strengthen the next shot, and each shot will strengthen the next blow. We will grind this “Execution”.

Now we rise to the summits of “Cunning”. Rising Sh0t will temporarily increase our damage for each successful attack, and the effect stacks up to five times. Tw0 Fang will give you two shots for the cost of one. The final skill, “Death Flower” (Death Bl0ss0m), will allow us to throw kunai (throwing knives) during the “Deception” action, and without leaving invisibility. Each kunai will explode, inflicting elemental damage and marking the death.

Look how many vulnerabilities, it turns out! Shoot – I don’t want to!

As you can see, the local assassin has inherited the best features from almost all of his colleagues from a wide variety of games – do not be afraid to combine them as you find convenient. Good luck and beautiful victories!

PS: If you want, I can add tips for Watch_Dogs, Titanfall, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Dark Souls 2, DayZ, WarZ, Thief and much more!

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