Bully: Scholarship Ediotion: Advice + extractor (we pull the music out of the game)

Want to listen to all the tunes from Bully? Are you missing soundtrack tunes? You don’t want to download 148 MB?
Then this instruction is for you.!

1. Download BullyMusicExtract.7z
2. Unpack and then copy Bully Music Extractor.exe to the .. \ audio \ PLAYLIST \ folder. In short, to where Music.bin and Music.lst lie
3. Run Bully Music Extractor.exe and wait until everything is unpacked

Now we have music in * .wav format, but it cannot be played by regular players! What to do?
But what!

1. The archive contains an installer for the Mobile Media Converter (MMC) program, run the installer and install wherever you want
2. Run the program
-1. In the “Conversion to” field, select MP3 Audio
-2. In the “Quality” field, select High
-3. In the “Input file (s)” field, drag and drop all unpacked * .wav’ki
-4. Check everything again and press “Convert!

Now we are waiting for all the melodies to be converted to * .mp3 music
Next, we upload all the music to your Player \ Music folder \ Phone \ etc. and enjoy 🙂

F.A.Q .:

1. The archive is not unpacked! What to do?
-1. Try to open the free archiver 7zip. If it doesn’t help, then download the archive.

2. There is more music in the Music.bin file (judging by Music.lst)!
-2. I know, but the rest of the music is all sorts of excerpts a few seconds long, as well as repetitions.

3. What is the difference from the archive with music, which is posted in the “Files” section and weighs 148 MB?
-3. There all music has tags and album covers. Here you have to do it manually, if desired. And there is also music in lower quality.

4. The Candidate melody plays too fast!
-4. The error is already with Music.bin itself, or when pulling out. In any case, you can speed it up manually using any Audio Editor

5. It takes a long time to convert!
-5. Depends on the computer

6. Be sure to convert?
-6. No, but in this case you will only be able to play music with Audio players that use ffmpeg.

P.S .: KMPlayer, MPlayer, PotPlayer play unconverted music perfectly

That seems to be all. Good luck!

P.P.S: Instruction compiled by me (SnoUweR). If you want to post it somewhere, then please leave my copyrights to the instructions!

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