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February 4, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Call of Cthulhu / Dark Corners of the E: Advice (Tips & Tactics)

Code for a safe in the store 9621.

To 1 safe, code 6212.

Actually, the code for the safe in the store is 2612.
We begin to twist clockwise to 2, and then counterclockwise to 6 and again clockwise and counterclockwise. 2 is the month of birth, the second (February), 6 is the date of the girl’s birth. since at the time of the game we have the 7th, and her birthday was yesterday, it means the 6th. and since she was 10 years old, and now it is 1922, then it is 12. that’s all).

When you enter the Poorhouse and climb the stairs, you will be shown a cutscene that someone is jumping on the roof. Immediately after the video, look into the first window (on the left) and you will see something interesting there.

church code 3157
area code 1846
code in the hall of the masons 1878
all codes in this game are entered clockwise, and then against … who does not understand, I explain … move the farthest way, for example, if the code is 3157, then you need to go to 3 not through 1, but through 9-ku … i.e. 9..8..7..6..5..4..3, and then up to 1, that is 4..5..6..7..8..9..1 and etc.

Cheat Codes are entered the same way.

The code in the room with three statues: Dagon, Hydra, Dagon, Cthulhu, Dagon, Cthulhu

On the reefs … where there is a stream of air from the hole … there is a pebble in the hole, go up to it and Jack will throw it down … only then he can jump down there…

After you escaped from prison .. you will find one hatch .. Jack will look into it and see an entertaining scene of the meeting of two brothers … and then fall there … to kill one of the brothers, take a knife from his table (from that where you fell from, run to the right), aim well (right mouse button) and hit it, it will die from the 1st time..

I noticed such a bug in the game (maybe only for me) when you press E (defaulted tilt), the English character leans to the right, and if you stand close to the door, part of the hero’s body passes through the door … With this bug, you can deftly twist around to open the latches on doors on the other side…

When you have already freed Brian Burnham from prison, on the street, immediately opposite the entrance to the prison (where the guards walk), look at the rooftops – you will see a monster that jumps over them – from roof to roof.

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