Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Advice (Play with an Online Partner in Special Ops)

First, understand! It is important for us that the game is launched through (iw4sp.exe), and how it will be launched is up to you. I describe a launch where you need steam and a crack. That is, we need steam and a crack to run the game in Sinhala (iw4sp.exe), specifically in special operations, and even more specifically so that special operations do not require steam! It seems clear 🙂

We run the game through the TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe program this is important!

Let’s get started.
1. Install the game.
2. Install Steam, update, create a new account, and run steam (log in).
3. We throw the crack from the ravage into the folder with the game (Or any other crack. We need the game to work in special operations for two, and specifically does not require steam)
4. We throw TeknoGods_MW2SP into the root folder with the game and create a program shortcut there.
5. Install GarenaRU_setup. We go to the garena, register, log in. (The server is not important. I personally play on the first one) We entered and so we see a menu, there are games on the left. We find there our game COD6: Modern Warfare 2, select it. We now have countries and rooms. We need to go to “Europe” in the room “Russia Room 01” (Maybe 02 or 03 will appear soon.) another room.
6. Under the chat in the room there is a button “Settings” press. There is a section “Executable file settings” click “Browse …” and specify the path to the file to the shortcut of the TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe program For example D: \ Games \ call of duty modern warfare 2 \ TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe
7. Under the chat in the room there is a button “Settings” press. In the “Launch parameters” section, write the ip of the friend (host). Here is an example of the line “–ip =” (without quotation marks) IMPORTANT IP GARENOVSKY !!! Usually this is an ip like 192.168.29.—
8. How to find out your ip garen’s? There is a list of users on the right side. In it, look for the user of your friend (host) to which you want to connect. Right click on his name and ip is displayed there. NOTICE IPY DYNAMIC! that is, before each call to Garen it changes.
9. After the completed operations, you can start playing. Under the chat in the room there is a button “Start” press. The game will start through the TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe program. In the menu, press F12, a connection should occur. If the button does not work, then we need to select the console and press F12. How to do it? We need to minimize the game, right-click on the console that appears and press F12 again, a beep should occur, then expand the game. If there is no hook, most likely you did something wrong.
10. If you have a sign in the game that says something like “Trying to connect …” then you most likely specified the wrong ip.

P.s Also, to create a game, simply run TeknoGods_MW2SP.exe through garen, then through the start, after removing the ip from the “launch parameters” in the settings window and create a game in a special operation. We give the ip to a friend and he connects using the above method.

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