Call of Duty: World At War: Tip (How to Create OffLine Profiles)

I say right away, I have XP!!!
1. Enter this path:
C: \ Documents and Settings \\ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Activision \ CoDWaW \ players \ profiles
There you will see the $$$ folder and the Active.txt file
2. Rename $$$ to whatever name you want
3. Run Active.txt and change the $$$ line there to the name you just wrote when you renamed the folder!
4. Start the game, play!

To create multiple profiles:
1.Copy the $$$ folder (Or with a different name), rename it to the name of the second user!
2. Run Active.txt and change the top line to the name of the profile you want to activate!
3.For more convenience, you can make a shortcut on the Active.txt desktop, and you can also write the names of all users in Active.txt and simply transfer the desired name to the top line!

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