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June 16, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Carmageddon TDR 2000: Tip

Hacking Machine Power:

There is a cardescriptor.txt file in the Assets \ Cars folder. It contains different
information about different machines, including their strength (strength). We are looking for the right
car (preferably our own, Eagle MK4), and add a couple of zeros to the strength. Cars
opponents will fly apart from the slightest contact, and your car
will become practically invulnerable. (By the way, this thing does not affect the mass – the pillars from
this will not be less of a hindrance)

Changing car models:

Not editing, but changing. For example: take the GolfCart folder in the folder
Assets \ Cars, and copy it somewhere. It doesn’t matter where – it will be a backup
Next, open the The_Tank folder, and copy its contents to the above
the GolfCart folder. As you can see, if the skins have not changed, all contents
represented by five files – two .txt, one .dir, one .h and one .pak. FROM
the last
everything is simple with three – copy the names according to the extensions. I.e:
select the original .dir, press F2 (rename), copy the name, delete the original.
Then select .dir from The_Tank, press F2 again, insert the name. Etc.
With .txt files it is a little more complicated, but not much. According to the above
copy the name GolfCartdescriptor.txt and paste it into the corresponding
descriptor Tank (not in texturedescriptor !!). With the last file we already know how
to act.
As a result of these operations, we will get a suicide regime – policemen on
the first map will be Tanks. Great, huh? This applies to any car.

That, in fact, is all. I don’t think there is much practical
good, but it’s worth having fun.

Well, now let’s start improving the running characteristics of the car..
Open Assets \ Cars and the folder of any car (again, preferably your own).
Through the search, or otherwise, look for the string ‘number of gears’ (without quotes). After her
there is
column of numbers. The first (the one with the minus) is the reverse gear. Can you
any number (only with a minus!). These numbers are the acceleration factor of the machine
in different gears. Put all numbers as in the second line – accelerate
Next, look for ‘wheel specific data’ or just ‘wheel data’ (without quotes).
dotted line, then the descriptions of the wheels follow in this order: front right,
front left, rear right, rear left. For cars with 6 or more wheels
the order is about the same. The lines of interest are ‘driving wheel’ and ‘steering
wheel ‘.
The first defines the drive, the second defines the steering wheel. It is better not to change the steering wheel – otherwise it will
joke with side driving and the impossibility of normal turning. Drive – and here
it should be put down (replace 0 by 1) on all wheels. As a result – simply
crazy acceleration and speed, not to mention the ability to drive on
the most “mountain-goat” areas of the area. Also an interesting point is’ wheel
width ‘,
or wheel width. Can be increased up to several meters. Practical benefits
small from this, but it improves traction.

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