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February 5, 2020
18 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Achievements + Tips

Master achiever – 50G
Complete all challenges.
Challenges in the game are assigned tasks during the passage of a chapter that must be completed. They open after the first passage of the chapter. So as not to torture yourself, my advice is to pass the tests at the easiest difficulty level. But at the same time, some tests can be completed on the “Paladin” – thereby reducing the number of passes. Described in detail in the chapter walkthroughs.
Dark collector – 20G
Collect 30 Shadow Stones.
See Achievement “Master jeweler”.
Light collector – 20G
Collect 30 Stones of Light.
See Achievement “Master jeweler”.
Green collector – 20G
Collect 30 Life Stones.
See Achievement “Master jeweler”.
Master jeweler – 25G
Collect all hidden magic stones.
You need to collect all the stones of Shadow, Light and Life. Actually, you will have to engage in looting, as the stones will be found at the dead knights of the order.
===> Part 1
===> Part 2
===> Part 3
===> Part 4
===> Part 5
Master philanthropist – 20G
Buy all chapter illustrations.
As you progress through the chapters in the “Extras” menu, in the “Artwork” tab, illustrations for these chapters will open … So we need to buy them all. They are bought for experience points!
Skirmish – 15G
Complete all chapters on Esquire difficulty.
See Achievement “Crusade”.
Gest – 20G
Complete all chapters on Warrior difficulty.
See Achievement “Crusade”.
Crusade – 30G
Complete all chapters on Knight difficulty.
My advice is to do the first playthrough on this difficulty. After completing the game, in this case, the “Skirmish” and “Gest” achievements will also open.
Epic victory – 40G
Complete all chapters on Paladin difficulty.
This difficulty in the game opens after completing all chapters on the “Knight” difficulty level. To get this chapter achievement on Palladin difficulty, you can go through the scatter, and not in order. In general, as you like.
Welcome to the Club – 15G
Buy a combo.
Buy your first combo and …
Brawler – 20G
Buy 15 combos.
Well, actually, everything is simple, as soon as we buy 15 combos, the achievement will immediately open.
Master fighter – 25G
Buy all combos.
We buy all the combos, they are in the menu called by the “back” button. They are bought for experience points!
Experienced – 10G
Earn 1,000 experience points.
Get it fast. It is not necessary to accumulate the entire number of points, since the achievement is cumulative. You can safely spend points on improvements …
Seasoned – 15G
Earn 20,000 experience points.
It is not necessary to accumulate the entire number of points, since the achievement is cumulative. You can safely spend points on improvements …
Veteran – 30G
Earn 100,000 experience points.
Achievement will get somewhere in one and a half passes. It is not necessary to accumulate the entire number of points, since the achievement is cumulative. You can safely spend points on improvements …
Master improver – 25G
Find all the secret chests of the Brotherhood.
See Achievement “Master jeweler”.
Eleventy party – 40G
Get 110% Completion On Each Level.
Actually, we get this achievement after knocking out all the others. And actually, 100% in the game is the first passage of the chapter, collecting all the stones in the chapter and the chests of the brotherhood, completing the tests. Another 10% is given for completing a chapter on Paladin difficulty.

Secret Achievements

Chapter I – 10G
Defeat the Ice Titan.
Story achievement.
Chapter II – 10G
Receive the Dark Gauntlet.
Story achievement.
Chapter III – 15G
Gain the power of the first Dark Lord.
Story achievement.
Chapter IV – 15G
Kill the Crow Witch.
Story achievement.
Chapter V – 20G
Access the Vampire Castle.
Story achievement.
Chapter VI – 20G
Leave the refectory with the Butcher’s Key.
Story achievement.
Chapter VII – 25G
Survive after meeting Laura.
Story achievement.
Chapter VIII – 25G
Gain the power of the second Dark Lord.
Story achievement.
Chapter IX – 25G
Convince Baba Yaga to open the portal to the Necromancer’s abode.
Story achievement.
Chapter X – 30G
Defeat the Gravedigger.
Story achievement.
Chapter XI – 30G
Gain the power of the third Dark Lord.
Story achievement.
Chapter XII – 35G
Kill Satan and Save the World.
Story achievement.
Trials – Chapter I – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter I.
Tests are opened to us after the first passage of parts of the chapters (chapters consist of several parts in the game, each part has its own test). To receive the achievement, you must go through all the parts of the chapter again, while completing the tasks set in the test. As I already mentioned, it is better to pass the tests on the simplest difficulty level, but not all … In order to reduce the number of passes you can try to pass the tests on the “Paladin” difficulty.

Challenge 1-1: Kill the Great Varg, leaving at least one villager alive. It is not difficult, during the battle you will be helped by three “Selyuk”. Constantly attack the enemy and then he will not pay any attention to the inhabitants.

Challenge 1-2: Complete the level without replenishing health. Actually, everything is clear from the description of the test – go through without using light magic, well, do not use the source of health.

Challenge 1-3: Complete a level by killing 50 or more goblins. We pass the level – we kill the goblins … When we reach the place where it is necessary to destroy the tree with a bomb, we do not do this until we collect the required number of kills (the counter is present on the screen).

Challenge 1-4: Complete Pan’s challenge in five turns. Nothing complicated. If difficulties arise, then the video below.
===> 5 Moves

Challenge 1-5: Defeat the Ice Titan in 1 minute 30 seconds or less. This test cannot be passed immediately. We need a purple crystal that summons a demon. We activate it near the titanium, then we do everything in the standard way – now we just need to hit the runestones only once …
Trials – Chapter II – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter II.

Challenge 2-1: Complete the level by killing 30 goblins with their own bombs. Quite simple, grab the goblin with a chain RT, after we turn Left Stick in any direction and press any button. Gabriel, instead of knocking out the bomb from the goblin, simply sets it on fire and lets it fly long distance. (The goblin will run on the ground for a while until it explodes).

Challenge 2-2: Complete a level by killing 10 enemies or more while being poisoned by spider venom. So, in order. Run closer to the spider and don’t dodge attacks, so that he would quickly poison Gabriel. Under no circumstances use light magic, as it removes the poisoning by its activation. There will be no enemies near the first spider, except for itself (the spider can and should also be killed being poisoned). When werewolves begin to appear, do not kill them – after a while a spider will appear. Let him poison you – now we are starting to kill everyone. To make progress go faster, we kill werewolves with a chain RT, if everything is done quickly, then in one poisoning you can kill 5 – 6 fleas, well, after that we kill the spider.

Challenge 2-3: Complete the level by killing 5 boars. At the beginning of the level you will see this creature. So here we do the task – if you kill the boar without destroying the gate, then the next one comes running.

Challenge 2-4: Complete the level by killing 20 trolls while riding a large troll. At the moment when you enslave a big troll, do not destroy the barrier, but wet, constantly appearing small trolls.

Challenge 2-5: Complete a level without ever using dark magic. It’s simple – don’t press RB and we pass.

Challenge 2-6: Complete a level without ever grabbing a gramlin with a cross. Grömlins are flying red dragons. Passing do not press RT .

Challenge 2-7: Complete a level by absorbing 20 neutral orbits at the same time. We collect a full strip of focus (with it, neutral orbits fly out from each blow to the enemy), fill in as many orbits as possible and absorb them. The easiest way is to fill on three large werewolves, since they are the most tenacious.

Challenge 2-8: Defeat the Stone Titan in 2 minutes or less. Similar to Test 1-5, requires a purple crystal. After we sent the stone back to the titanium, we immediately run to it, without waiting for the roller (we use boots), next to it we activate the crystal and hammer the runestones forward.

Challenge 2-9: Complete the level and defeat the Black Knight without ever using light magic. Holy magic is needed for healing, so try to take as little damage as possible … or play on easy difficulty.
Trials – Chapter III – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter III.

Challenge 3-1: Complete the level by killing 15 enemies stunned by the fairies. In the place in front of the gate, a crowd of werewolves is attacking, you can choose your own and start, just in this place fairies appear automatically (if you wait a bit). We are waiting for the werewolf to be completely stunned and kill.

Challenge 3-2: Complete the level and defeat the Dark Lord without ever using light magic. Similar to Challenge 2-9, taking as little damage as possible … or light mode.
Trials – Chapter IV – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter IV.

Challenge 4-1: Finish the level by defeating Ogre without taking damage from his attacks. The first meeting is with Ogre’s hand. We keep at a distance and slowly attack. The main thing is not to touch your hand, so that the Ogre does not understand where you are, since it will immediately grab you – you cannot dodge or block Ogre’s attacks. We won the hand, go further and see this miracle in full growth. We dodge his attacks – we attack, we knock out the first eye. We dodge his attacks – we attack, we knock out the second eye. We dodge several attacks of the blind Ogre and finish him off. Moreover, I will add, the developers took pity on us – if all the same Ogre touched you, then the level should not start over, load the Check – Point.

Challenge 4-2: Kill the Crow Witch by killing up to two of her sons. The battle begins with the Witch throwing 4 eggs at you. You need to “return to her” at least 3. We reflect the eggs in the same way as in the fight with the second titan. The witch is stunned. Quickly go to it and press the necessary buttons. Next, we kill her son. Raven witch children emerge from eggs that you could not repel. There is a new attack with eggs, you need to repel 2! Again quickly to her, press the necessary buttons – VICTORY.
===> 2 sons
Trials – Chapter V – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter V.

Challenge 5-1: Complete the level by returning your relics within three minutes of being stolen by Chupacabra. In principle, not difficult. We met a Chupacabra – we lost our items, we run after him, engaging in battles to the gate. Here you will have to enslave the boar to break through the gate. Next, we run after the chupacabra to the ledge and climb it. ATTENTION! Before you jump over the cliff to the Chupacabra, you must definitely let the fairy out so that she would intoxicate our thief. If you do not release the fairy, then the chupacabra will throw you off the cliff.

Challenge 5-2: Complete the level without letting Zobek kill any ghouls. It’s simple, watch out for whoever Zobek is attacking, and attack this creature …

Challenge 5-3: Complete the level without letting Zobek fall.
===> Guide

Challenge 5-4: Complete the level by solving the mirror and light puzzle in 2 minutes 30 seconds.
===> Speed

Challenge 5-5: Complete the level by finding and destroying 100 destructible items in the allotted time. At the beginning of the level, 20 seconds are given, one thing is +1 second, and you are also attacked by enemies, and you will also have to raise the grate – the same time …
===> Things

Challenge 5-6: Complete the level of hitting an elite vampire with his own weapon 4 times in a row. Not difficult. The vampire at you fires his weapon from time to time, if he is at a distance from him. So, at the very last moment, when swords are flying at you, we press RT – Gebriel intercepts the swords and throws them back … We do this 4 times in a row. If you hit the vampire between throwing the weapon, the counter will go off.

Challenge 5-7: Complete the level by killing skeletal warriors without taking away their shields. To the will, nasty rivals are for the future. The simplest thing is to use a purple crystal … There are several ways. Yes, if you pass the test with the crystal, then you can pass it on the “Paladin”.
Trials – Chapter VI – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter VI.

Challenge 6-1: Complete the level by killing three Skeleton Warriors while riding the Varga. It’s simple, when 2 skeletons appeared, do not kill them, but wait for Varg. We enslave him and, only now, we deal with the skeletons. After the death of two, a third appears.

Challenge 6-2: Complete a level by killing 15 mandrakes in 15 seconds. Mandrogar are very weak, but life exhausting. We run a little on the level, find their accumulation and throw them with holy water. It is much easier to pass the test using the Holy Magic skill for 25,000 experience points (it is the last in the pumping of Holy Magic).

Challenge 6-3: Win a game of chess by losing no more than 3 pieces. Actually a little attention and everything will work out!

Challenge 6-4: Kill the butcher after he uses 15 items from the kitchen. During the battle, the “baby” launches everything that comes to hand at you. So we dodge without attacking him – we follow the counter.
Trials – Chapter VII – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter VII.

Challenge 7-1: Complete the level by solving the gate puzzle in 7 moves. The riddle is very simple. Since it is located at the end of the level, it is worth passing right away on the difficulty “Paladin”. Actually, here’s the solution:
1. Medium ball
2. Left ball
3. Medium ball
4. Medium ball
5. Medium ball
6. Medium ball
7. Right ball

Challenge 7-2: Complete the level by destroying the mechanical monster with only electricity after it is activated. When a scorpion appears, we beat him until he heals for the first time. Now the electricity is activated, you can never beat the scorpion again! The task is to lure the enemy under a beam of electricity three times and at this moment activate the beam by hitting a circle on the floor in the opposite side of the room with a glove.

Challenge 7-3: Destroy 10 death dolls with normal blows before finishing them off. So, if the doll is not ripped open but killed with blows, then a new one appears – our task is to kill 10 pieces in this way. Under no circumstances should a doll’s belly be ripped open until we complete the test.!
Trials – Chapter VIII – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter VIII.

Challenge 8-1: Complete the level by destroying 10 gramlin with silver daggers. On a circular platform, between two chains, we meet gremlins. For each we need 2-3 daggers …

Challenge 8-2: Complete the level by reaching the uppermost corridor in 5 minutes. The test is not difficult. We need fully pumped skills of light and darkness to fight the boss … And then we just go through the level, autosaves help us with this …

Challenge 8-3: Pass the level keeping the focus level at the maximum for 60 seconds. For this test, we need to learn a little bit of combat skills. The focus bar fills up from our hits and resets itself if we miss enemy attacks. Filled the scale – hold it for a full minute, dodge attacks, from time to time strike your blows (the scale will also fall from inaction).

Challenge 8-4: Complete the level by defeating the Dark Lord after she has killed 10 of her vampire warriors. It’s simple, at the first stage of the battle, the Dark Lord from time to time releases a stream of electricity. At the first stage, we are also attacked by 10 vampires. So, you can use holy water on standard vampires, so that they bother us less (holy water “freezes” them for a while) And when the Dark Lord releases a stream of electricity at us, we start running around the standard vampires …
Trials – Chapter IX – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter IX.

Challenge 9-1: Complete a level by killing 10 headless dead without ever getting caught. For this test, it would not be bad to turn on the life scale of enemies so that we can see where the dead are underground (we cannot be above them). We interrupt the heads of the dead, they come out – we begin to beat the body …

Challenge 9-2: Complete the level, to get 3 keys you need to frighten the crows no more than 13 times. After each boss there is a native autosave for us. So, we see the first flock of crows – we make 3 moves with them – we kill the first scarecrow. Now, with the same flock, we make two more moves (they will fly over to the next pole and return back). We have another flock. We go to her, make 4 moves – we kill the second scarecrow. We run to where the new flock descended. The crows are there again, just a little closer to the third scarecrow. We make this flock of crows 2 moves, the result is two flocks are sitting side by side. We run back from the scarecrow, destroy the wall (there is also a source with neutral spheres nearby). The third flock of crows arrives, so we make the last 1 move to it. Now we run to the flock, which we drove from behind the barn and make her last move – we defeat the third scarecrow.

Challenge 9-3: Complete the level without ever being damaged by the music box traps. Actually there is autosave, and there is also a map with the correct placement of stones by color.
Trials – Chapter X – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter X.

Challenge 10-1: Complete the level after taking at least 100 points of damage from the poison mist. At an easy level, we go into the swamp and wait for the counter to show us the required hundred. Now we pass the level (do not forget that attacks with activated light magic heals …).

Challenge 10-2: Complete the level without allowing Pan to recover life during the battle with him. Don’t let him rest – we block his attacks, we counterattack. A little practice and go through.

Challenge 10-3: Complete a level by killing 20 zombies at a time while in the air. After another meeting with the Chupokabra, the best place is near the gate. We pump in dark energy from the source. There are a lot of zombies here, we are waiting for them to crowd around us as tightly as possible, jump up, activate dark energy, do a combo – Y , A , Y , Y (keep).

Challenge 10-4: Complete the level and kill at least 15 crawling dead while fighting the Gravedigger. During the battle, do not touch the Gravedigger. He summons the dead from time to time. We fill the required number, now we finish the level.
Trials – Chapter XI – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter XI.

Challenge 11-1: Complete the level by destroying 60 Reapers. Stuff as many reapers as possible to the second necromancer. The remaining number will be released by the second Necromancer.

Challenge 11-2: Complete the level by defeating the Dragon within 5 minutes. We need a purple crystal again, and further ahead, a few tries and we’ll have time. Yes, so that the crystal does not disappear, if it does not work out, do not finish the level if it falls, but reload it from the map.
Trials – Chapter XII – 25G
Complete all challenges in Chapter XII.

Challenge 12-1: Complete the level by defeating Satan and not letting him hit you with the opposite color of magic. Everything seems to be clear from the description. There is one autosave.

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