Chaos Legion: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

In the 3rd mission in the last room in front of the boss, behind the crate, you will find something interesting … This is a phallus!
During the game there are gates that do not open.
If you look closely, then in the center we will see a drawing of the coat of arms, the legion of which can break them. Behind them you will find a bonus!

If you can’t finish off the very last boss (the brutalized Zila :)), then take, with the help of the “globe” that Arsia got, move to one of the first levels (better where no clues are shown) and go through it many times. As you walk through the levels, you will gain a small pile of lives (green crystals) and you can calmly soak this Zila. Also, when you kill her, use Legions only when she “calms down” and flies closer. When she releases a huge monster and a few small ones, use the Legion only to kill this monster, and kill the others yourself. In my opinion, the best combination of Legions starting from the middle of the game is the Legion of Force (decently increases the life of Zeke) and Legion of the Talon (it can fly into the air and wet the enemy from a height, it is very convenient when fighting the last 3 bosses – Delacroix, Azrael and Evil Zila). Good luck gentlemen!

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