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August 14, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Cold Zero / The Last Stand: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

At the 3rd level (Dikovsk), a sniper on the mountain can be killed in the back even with a pistol, making his way up (hooked on the arch of the entrance to the cave on the mountainside and pulling himself up) and pick up the SVD from him, which will be useful to us in the Chinatown mission and beyond … In general, in the ways of passing, there are few places where opportunities to climb somewhere, jump, etc. are indicated, and they are very helpful both in the “Mine” (jump from an iron scaffold to a wooden one with a barrel at ur 1) and in Chinatown – to climb onto the roof and get through the ventilation duct to the toilet on the 1st floor of the house – enter from the back of the terrorists who have settled there).

There are a couple of useful items in the office:
1. Next to Jane there is a chair, sitting on which you can restore lives.
2. If you have items that you do not need in the next mission, but may be needed later (such as camouflage suits), then you can put them in a cabinet in the office. They will lie there until needed.

1) It is impractical to collect weapons, due to the large total weight, and there is not so much space in the backpack … try to collect only cartridges and then sell them in the store.
2) There is a simple but tedious way to replenish your wallet: choose the type of the most “expensive” and lighter in weight cartridge (remember what and how much the gunsmith costs), equip a suitable weapon with a high-capacity magazine with 1-2 cartridges, put “in corpse “(this number does not work with chests and lockers!), save the game (F5) and exit the game with subsequent quick load (F9), pick up the weapon with a full magazine. Repeat the required number of times or until you get bored. My favorite option is the AKSU half-shell cartridge with +4 damage and the Colt M-4 with a 99-round magazine. Even cooler – M249 (holds up to 200 rounds).

If you need all the barrels you don’t want, then go to the shooting range, pay $ 50 per passage, leave your barrels and equipment in the locker, except for camouflage and go shoot, there are a bunch of barrels in the cabinets, take whatever you like and go to the door, throw it away – > open the door -> take the barrel and dump it (just keep in mind, the guy selling cartridges should not be on the screen, i.e. he should be behind the screen). Approximately 1/3 works.

100% way to take any weapon from the shooting range. We pay $ 50 and go in. We take all the necessary guns and approach the door, empty our pockets and open the door. We pick up one thing and open the backpack, select an item and indicate where to throw it, but by holding down ctrl and indicating the direction where to go, we pass without problems – the guard is silent, since in fact we have nothing in our pockets.

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