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November 16, 2020
21 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Command & Conquer / Generals: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

I have some advice about the Chinese. As you know they have “Lords” (“Lords”) tanks. Save up money and build three of these tanks. Place the Gattling cannon on one, on the second Propaganda Tower, on the third bunker with the Tank Hunters. And put Telepathy on the Propaganda Tower. And now with this kind of power, you can destroy and destroy. Only all tanks should be together.

Advice about favorite “money”.
GLA – build about 8-10 Black Markets and you will get WILD profit.
China – build about 15 hackers, but keep the main thing together in a secluded place – so no one can see.
USA – here you need to build about 3-4 “knockers”, which in due time will bring 2 *** pieces in 2 minutes, the main thing is to build in time intervals – so that money would flow literally every minute…
And most importantly – do not forget to capture oil rigs and refineries! ALL!!!

I don’t know if everyone knows that if Jennen Kell kills the tractor driver of her enemies (USA or China), and then he or whoever gets into this tractor, then you will be able to build absolutely all buildings in this country! I don’t know if it is possible to do something like this in companies in the USA or
China (played only for GOA so far).

I’m an old player and I can tell you a couple of tips (I don’t remember the terms):

Firstly, playing with a computer, everyone basically rushes to do more towers (air defense Stingers, etc.) in vain. Computers plan tanks making 1 – 2 towers and they are doing it right. Tanks are much more mobile and stronger than towers, so the beginning of the game with bots, such people blow through or find themselves without money with dead defense on snot. Try to do this (if you have difficulty playing 1 on 1 with the strongest or with 2):
Make 2 workers (GOA more, of course.) Radar (China) one power plant at once barracks, then that fig sho gets resources (It is always better to adjust supply centers (the more you cover at the beginning, the better) to resources – even if they are not protected, but in the beginning they will help a lot.) then the tank factory. AND BUILD TANKS.
Better different – China – three tanks sho the first one flamethrower one gatling and so repeat, then do everything else. USA – paladins and tanks for less. galam – lushe first tanks INTO and sho trucks with machine guns from the top (nevte – towers should be captured if there are more than 3 of them).

If you are playing with a strong opponent, then I have a very profitable and quick tactic:
Each resource collector of each country has its own advantages.
GLA – can be made to work.
America – you can put infantry or transport in a helicopter.
China – can transfer people.

If you are playing for the Chinese, put on the defense at the beginning of 2 bunkers with rocket men and one gatling (against the infantry). You are protected from 10-15 tanks. Next, grab more warehouses with resources and that there would be two trucks (so that the grandmas would drip faster). Next, the Airfield and, if possible, Mig (4 pieces) if you play against a computer, there is no sense in flying to its base in 4 Migami there is no defense industry and at least 1 moment of goodbye, and if against people and without a non-aggression agreement, then the very topic fly to mock, burn out the tractor (2 minutes per tractor) or a slave (one rocket is enough). Further, after successfully undermining the enemy’s economy, build the rest of the buildings, you can fly a couple more times to show off, but soon you will meet a rebuff and it will be a pity for Migov with experience. The main thing after creating a sufficient defense. Build several barracks nearby and order the hackers in full, indicating the gathering place. It is better to make several such kind of incubators and a number of gatlings so that they do not pass the ‘mice’ or soak the GAO ambush.
To prevent the hackers from being burned out by the Migi, the sniper and Kel did not click, so that the ‘loaf’ did not arrange a night of long knives, and the rebels did not ambush the infidels. Further when you feel that the economic situation is unshakable xerte throughout the base airfields and a couple of military factories. Of course, when you xerish hackers, you need to build a defense as dangerous as possible. Try to build at least 10 airfields, stock up on the most … ten tanks (Chapter of Battles (first)), five anti-aircraft guns and 2-3 overlords (With two muzzles) and build propoganda towers on them (in the common people ‘healers’). And it is possible to send a reconnaissance in force to the Migi attack, but not all at once, but in two or three waves it is much more effective. And after, tanks settle in the captured positions,
of course it would make sense to increase the production of tanks. Don’t forget to make up for lost moments. I myself won 7 cruel computers and they were in an alliance and lost ten times less opponents. The main thing is to correctly combine various types of troops. Do not try to crush the plebeian masses, the main thing is tactics and strategy, Lord! I play equally well for all countries, if you need to tell about other countries of the current tell me in the forum.

As you know, the US defense consists of the Patriot. Missiles are strong against tanks, so break through US defenses with RPGs, but cover is still required – from enemy infantry, etc..

Playing on small cards, these tips about help hackers and black markets are of no use to anyone. The game takes only 8-10 minutes. China is the most profitable on small maps! he has the most powerful and cheapest tanks! the initial money (with one sapl center) will be enough for him to take out Iraq or the USA! it is worth building pieces of 7 battlemasters 3 fire tanks 3 gatling armored personnel carriers and 4 minutes that’s it! that’s enough! against Iraq and moments are not needed! but against America you can build 12 blinks! and that’s it! no one will do anything to them! in the 1st generals of the air defense of America leaves much to be desired !

The infantry in the game is full of meat. America has sniper flashbangs (the best), and China’s MiGs are inferna bertholi (nuclear cannons) gatlings. nuclear charges of tanks, etc. Iraq has toxic charges of the SCUD quad, etc. Personally, I never build infantry in the game! I play mainly with Air America (Generals Zero hour), I can say for sure that the strongest is the one with the strongest tanks and the strongest air defense, but … if everything is done correctly by planes! you can win! especially since Airplane America has cheaper, more powerful, more dodging airplanes with a system of retracting and firing missiles! best of all to play Generals (any) is 2v2! I can say for sure that no one will take flight America and tank China together!

Guys, everything that you write is cool and there are very good advice. But, if you think that China and the GLA are in charge, this means you are not fumbling with strategy. I do not want to offend you in any way, but US aircraft are the key to victory, it’s just training. Aurora, Aurora and again Aurora – many Auroras. Yes, it is expensive and time-consuming, but 100% effective. A little prehistory.
While playing this game with a friend on the LAN, we soon discovered that American Auroras take out buildings and enemy equipment with 100% probability, of course, not all of them return, but what you wanted to destroy was destroyed. This is great … on the one hand. We conducted an “investigative” experiment – we spent 2 hours figuring out who could shoot down Aurora on the way to the target. And they found out – NOBODY: no infantry with all sorts of stripes, no air defense technology, no stationary guns. Having got used to it, we began to play only for America and alas, interest in the game began to subside, the game from a full-scale strategy turned into an Aurora race. We’re playing on a conditional arrangement now (no Aurora).

Therefore, advice if you want to defeat any opponent in this game:
– play as USA (better as an Air Force General)
– practice and remember how much Aurora is needed to destroy this or that building in ONE ENTRANCE
– improve the economy as quickly as possible (described above), terrorizing enemy aircraft
– build several airfields (at least three) – because Auroras take a long time to build and in case the enemy destroys one of the airfields
– destroy enemy airfields first of all with Auroras (so that he does not answer you in kind)
– strategic center (if the enemy plays for the United States without him, he will not build an Aurora)
– and destroy everything else from the economy and bonus weapons to builders and air defense
– don’t worry too much about Aurora not returning to base – the main thing is she completed the task
– build up your attack power by increasing the number of Aurors

I assure you that having trained well against the computer, you will then take out any opponent with Auroras.

I used to give a 5 on a five-point scale for this strategy and I really liked it. When I saw through this tactic, I realized that the balance of offensive and defensive forces was disturbed in the game. The Americans apparently decided to single out themselves from all the generals … It’s a pity…

Success on the battlefields!
Always yours

America is certainly a strong country, but I play China. Which China has better:
1. Air Defense – Gatling Cannons – bullets ALWAYS hit all types of aircraft (except Auroras – but if someone loves to install them, then you can show him that disposable Auroras are expensive … 🙂
2. Land – bunkers, at the Infantry General – 10 men intermeddle. Better to put them in 2 or 3, and several (I put 20 each 🙂 such rows throughout the database.
3. Tanks – 1 crusader can and can kill a battlemaster, but 5 crusaders 5 battlemasters – never. Especially if there are 50, 100, 200 battlemasters :)))))))). The main thing is to hide your tanks and not keep them in the compartment, because if the Auroras come flying in…
4. Planes: MIGs – fire storm – it’s hot!
5.Artillery: I hope you know what a nuclear cannon is 🙂
6. Infantry: China is not very good, but Hackers and Black Lotus…
7. Superweapon: Nuclear missile – no comments…

The Air Force General’s Aurora is bullshit. Against a serious opponent, they are practically useless. And it is not necessary to say that one can overwhelm the enemy with aurors alone (if you practice well before that). Aurora after she dropped the bomb is simply elementary to shoot down. Any Quad (if the enemy is GLA) or Gatling (if the enemy is China) will kill the aurora returning to the base.
Now let’s calculate. For example, to take out the Nuclear Missle (nuclear missile) by the Aurors, you need to spend 5 Aurors (10,000 if you play as Air Foros (Air Force)). And the nuclear one costs 5000. Accordingly, the enemy loses 5000, and you – 10000. Because a normal enemy will not let the Aurors return. Accordingly, the Auror can be used in extreme cases, as they are too expensive. Or you need to be sure that they return to base. But the most interesting thing is that if you try to quickly develop to an Auror (build a strategic center), then most likely the enemy will take you out even before the center is built. In general, IMHO, to attack and defend only by aircraft is unrealistic against a good player in China or GLA. Air Force has a very big advantage – Invisible Comanches. We need to upgrade Counter Measures, Stealth Comanche and Fire Barrage. after that, you can easily take out gradually the enemy base. I looked where it was not protected – I soaked the bar of buildings when Gatlings or Quads drive up, disappeared and flew away. And you fly up from the other unprotected side. If there are several stinger sites on the way, then it is advisable to send 2-3 more chinooks with the Comanches so that they fight off the missiles. If you play against 1 on 1 for the Air Force against another USA, then the best way is to demolish bulldozers, then power plants and other buildings with raptors. At the same time, do not stop building airfields and new raptors. If you are playing against a laser, and he builds cannons, then you need to build two stealth, because together they will take out the laser cannon, and they themselves will not suffer from it. And of course, the best option is to turn off the cannons by blowing up the power plant (unless of course you are sure that you will reach). Accordingly, the main tactic for the Laser against the Air Force is to build more Avengers (the current 2 raptors can take out the Avenger). All these tips apply to 1v1 games.

I play against the strongest opponents and I have this tactic:
sit in the Deaf Defense, save money, build super weapons BUT do not engage in open combat with a computer at the most difficult level.
I personally play 1 against 1,2,3,4 or 5 computers at the hardest level.
and I win only because the computers conduct a disconnected attack, that is, they interfere with each other. and when they come to my base, I use them for kokoshu =).
and when you have a super weapon then generally khan to enemies….
but the most important fact in success is the RATE of development … for example, I manage to build super weapons in 3-4 minutes from the start of the game….

I want to share my experience in defense. There are places on the maps where the enemy’s vehicles cannot pass, so, for example, on the last two maps, where there are 8 players each, place the defense at the exit from the ravines, but so that it does not interfere. For the Chinese, build 1 bunker and 1 gatling and bring the tractor to repair it (but a tractor must be required). Place only grenade launchers in the bunker. The USA has about the same thing, but I won’t say about the GAO, I haven’t really played with them yet. I personally survived with such tactics against 7 heavy armies, and they were allies.

To get GLA buildings, you need to:
1. Investigate the capture of a building in the barracks,
2. Bring the infantry (paint fighters, rangers) to the GLA base,
3. Click on the capture of the building (in the lower left corner next to the map),
4. Click on the main base (command center), and cover the infantryman until he captures him.

I have been playing generals since their “birth”, and, believe me, I have some experience of passing, both in simple and in Zero Hour, and before writing and saying anything, I went through missions and campaigns for of all Generals, and played for them in real life against real opponents.
He himself was obsessed with the tactics of the Air Force for the United States, considering them the “most powerful force” in the game, but … In short, he began to go through the campaign “Competition of Generals” (passed in a day) and reached the last … General Drakonov, realized that the Air Force The USA against a massive enemy in real life, and not with a computer, sucks (I apologize to the fans of the USAF and the admin). Now I play as Laser, since his turrets in defense are a brutal thing, and here’s how to make them more “beast”.

On the approaches to the base (mainly on large maps, since I play mainly 2 on 3, or 3 on 3, as I have to … So, on the approaches to the base, build two fire bases, and 8 turrets (at the corners of the ), it will do for a start (but in general, the more the better). Against planes (especially stealth):
– build three turrets in a triangle, in the middle one Avenger, and a few “meters” before this “base” you hang a reconnaissance drone, and no Stealth, or even more so Aurora – you are not a hindrance.
– don’t get too carried away with the construction of lasers, although this General has more powerful cold fusion stations, but the turrets themselves “eat” a lot.
– You don’t need snipers for lasers – these turrets take out infantry at a time.
– also place a few turrets in the base itself (preferably one or two at the building, but this is anyone else), so that 20-30 MiGs or Auroras (or even Predators from the US Air Force) will fly to the breakthrough, and on the way, they will lose only a dozen, and the rest will fly to the base and arrange for you Herosima from Nagasaki.
– and do not slow down with the construction of SCUDES, RAYS and ROCKETS, also a thing (if you have not agreed in advance with the enemy about limiting Super-weapons).
– for the USA, especially for the Laser, build several turrets around the base, and then (!!! urgently !!!) three or four resetting resources (with an upgrade of resource extraction), so that until the end of the “main” resources, already keep the economy on height.

And perhaps a couple more comments.

1) Do not build stations and “miners” of the cherished cabbage are all nearby (this is for all the generals of China and the United States, especially, since the Chinese art-bombardment will take them out like there is nothing to do and cut everything out to hell.
I just know people who do this, but who are swept away after 10 minutes of the game, and those who lost then wonder: “How is that ?!”.

2) Do not rely on allies, only on yourself. This, of course, does not mean that you need to leave your “friends” in trouble, in which case, just always cover the rear (what the hell is not kidding, the enemy will break through the ally’s defense, and you will be thrown into the “fifth point” with tanks so will seem).

I decided to share with you a few secrets.
I’ll start with the most Mysterious race – GAO. The GAO has one car – a truck filled with explosives. it has the property of disguise. if you hover the mouse cursor over ANY military and civilian equipment, the car will turn into this car and will become INVISIBLE for ordinary enemy troops. But it can be noticed by the stinger camps, the underground tunnel, the gattling cannon, the patirot rocket and some troops. In short, you buy this car, mask it and send it to enemy buildings. And one more secret behind the GAO, which is not known to everyone. Do you think that a tank with two guns is a Chinese Lord? – you are far wrong! GAOK have almost the same supertank! This is the Mroder tank. At first it is normal, but when you kill enemy equipment, such heaps of garbage will remain, you say, Schaub the tank took them, it drives up and becomes steeper. You just need to take 2 heaps and he will have 2 guns! The United States has a chuvarek – Colonel Barton, he can also put explosives on houses and enemy equipment; Well, if he destroys at least two buildings, his level will rise (such a little yellow at the top) and he will be able to heal. Toko needs 2 zagulki !!! And the Chinese woman Black Lotus can capture an enemy building in five seconds. !!!!BUT!!!! When you capture a building on an enemy base, it is better to disassemble it immediately. they will immediately begin to destroy it, and so at least the profit will be transferred to you!

I can suggest the passage of the fight for the USA:
1) First, we will build the second bulldozer (1 already exists)
2) We build a resource collector, and when the construction of an aircraft station appears, we build it.
3) If you have money, build 1 chinook and the construction of a building of military equipment.
4) No need to build any Auroras, it is better to build 4 predators and 1 helicopter. Thanks to predators, all enemy attacks will be repulsed.
5) In a secluded place, it is advisable to build palladins (the more the better)
6) We make all palladins go to the enemy zone.
7) First, we destroy all air defense buildings and enemy bunkers.
8) Then we destroy everything else.

Thank you for attention.

The strongest general is the laser (USA). Improving the laser in the strategic center. ALL! Anyone who approaches the laser turrets POP !!! Any plane will be shot down, even AURORA. So the balance in the game is not disturbed towards the Air Force, but towards the LASER. We did an experiment, 40 Auroras versus 10 Lazes. turrets. Not a single aurora reached the target! Only the GENERAL OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS (China) can resist the laser.

There are tactics for the USA VSS against the Human:
1-build 3 bulldozers (1 already exists, 2 remains)
2-the first builds the reactor, the second-the barracks, the third-the building of the resource collector (ZSR).
3- in the barracks we build missilemen, in the ZSR- combat chinook, even 2 or 3.
4- we load missilemen by chinok (not to the maximum, how many soldiers there will be).
5- we drive the Chinooki to the base, where the defense will be built.
6-we kill everyone who is not lazy!!!!!!!!
Although this tactic will not trample against an experienced enemy, but it is fast, cheap and angry! It can also be played on an average level against a computer (normal, not from campaigns or general competitions)

IMHO the game is very balanced, because of this it received such recognition among the players.
There is no better side to it, depending on how you like to play.
On maps where there are several approaches to your base from the ground, for example bridges, you can put rocket launchers for constant shelling (Chinese, IMHO, are best suited).
It is better to keep the Super-weapon with you, to prevent an enemy attack with a SCAD, Nuclear missile or a beam from a satellite … for example (China): one launch of a Nuclear missile and artillery at an enemy structure with a Super-weapon and its super-attack is prevented..
note: you need to earn a title with the Chinese artillery … if you play for the USA, you can use Auroras, GOA – SCUD + trucks, 2 SCADA (if possible)
then having got rid of resources, you can build another rocket and start up .. where to start up – it depends on the situation. And try to capture enemy builders, if you have resources, your chance to win will double…

P.S. Someone here wrote that there is no reception against the United States and their Aurora … well, the fact that Aurora is on the way to stop the hell – I agree here … but you can knock airports, they are frail … everyone who plays not the first time Generals can figure out how to do it…

Remember how on the first mission the “Master of Battle” tanks came to you from the south for the Chinese? So, if you go there, bypassing or shooting houses, then 2 “Lords” will be parked behind the last one. Healing towers can be placed on them, which will greatly facilitate the task..

There is a secret to competing for an Air Force general. Build 8 stealth and 15 Comanches, stealth bomb all enemy air defense, and finish off buildings with Comanches.

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