Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Council (mission with Kryukov’s betrayal)

Is it difficult for you to complete a mission for the USSR, where Kryukov betrays you, because in this mission the Alliance and Kryukov are against you, and your ally is barely extricating himself from this situation? Then listen: at the beginning of this mission, Dasha gives you about 100,000, and then after a while this amount is taken by Kryukov himself. During this very time (as long as you have money) it is not necessary to build the “Iron Curtain”. Build an airfield and a lot of punishers! When the punishers are almost lined up, Kryukov appears! What’s the catch – he does not immediately start bombing you, he will be on your side for a while, and then Cherdenko announces that Kryukov must be killed! So, before this announcement, destroy Kryukov’s base in advance! How? Easy! Take your punishers, click on the “forced attack” icon (in the lower right corner) and bomb! Just look – do not direct yourself. And then, when you have to kill the traitor on a mission, finish him off!

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