Corsairs / Curse of the Distant Sea: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

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February 3, 2020
9 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Corsairs / Curse of the Distant Sea: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

I want to tell you one little secret. In short, you are faced with a huge ship, level 1-2, and you are free to grades 5-6. What to do? Of course, you can apply codes, take advantage of glitches, well, it just happens that you want to tell a friend that you have killed a powerful ship. But then listen, first you need to have a bunch of ammunition (especially buckshot, knippers are not really needed, cannonballs will not save, but most importantly bombs!), Well, then you need to lure the enemy so that he stands behind you and cannot shoot (that is in front of your bottom (sorry for the expression, but you can’t explain it in another way), bomb the sails at first, and then when he is far behind you, wet the impudent man with bombs (I sank (I don’t remember what was called) a second-class ship, but I had a normal pink at that time.) But then, of course, you can take him on board (if he has more people than you do) and get hold of his goods (and a broken ship).!


I want to tell you a couple of tips that will come in handy during a long and tedious (and maybe exciting and interesting) walkthrough of the localized creation of our masters “Corsairs”.

1. When you really do not have enough money, you can do two things: firstly, you can make such a tricky feature that you did as if especially for us: you need to go to Highrok (regardless of your affiliation, you just need to swim very carefully so that a ship or fort does not sink you on the way), overstock there with maximum coffee, then go to Tendales, there also overstock coffee, and then again to Highrok, do the same operation there, and then sail to the Dead Island, and to sell everything that was found in such a difficult way, for about 500 coffee, they give about 10,000 gold. And if at all, then do not rush to sell your ship and change to a tartan, but simply capture some fort, and then talk to his governor or (where he is not) with the Honorable Sir, it is important to walk along the street!!!

2. And this applies to the capture of the fort itself !!! You just have to go to the very wall of the fort, and then calmly, unhurriedly gouge this fort to hell, but in no case swim away from its wall, otherwise – an ass !!! It would also be nice to have a decent level of fencing and a team of more than 150, although professionals can get by with 100 !!! And then you can get your long-suffering 20,000 experience and 1000 more for each weapon!!!

Good luck, dear, you are my corsairs!!!


You can greatly speed up Nicholas’ movements in the colonies in a simple way. Assign the “acceleration” command in the default control settings with the shift key. You will run around like crazy (and everything around, of course, too).


It’s no secret that corsairs are a glitchy game, in particular, when storming colonies, the computer does not remember whether you gouged the gun or not, therefore, endless exp, but they give too little for one gun. how to make the process faster? After the merge of the fort (20000exp), you need to make Save / Load the fort will stand, but it will not shoot (there are no guns), it is enough to shoot at it 1 time and again (20,000) this will continue until the entire garrison is merged, i.e. very very long.


Ha! I found a very interesting joke. Suppose you are on the high seas, and you are attacked by a very strong and terrible ship. Well, the question arises clear and understandable: “What to do !?”. Well, for starters, try to board him. And if you succeed, at the moment when your and someone else’s ship dock, make a quick save. Load the recording. And will, no need to fight – this ship is now on your side. what do you think about this?


I play for England and accidentally find a joke … There is such an eccentric Ronald the Lawyer on El Cayman who asks to take a black mark to someone there (on the pirate islands), and then help him in the battle against that someone (I don’t remember how his name is). Of course, I took the black mark and helped him in the battle, and then for a long time forgot that I had to go after the battle and talk to him in order to gain experience and all that … A few years later I sail to El Caymano, I see this Lawyer, I remember what was the matter and bazaar with him, I get 2000 experience and 3 reputation … Then I think … I’ll try it again … And I get 2000 more experience and 3 reputation … And then another … More. .. So until you get bored … Bark until you drop … I’m not sure what will work again because the second time I did not check, maybe a one-time glitch, I don’t know…


When you are attacked, press “yes” and enter twice and you are back on the map. This fenya operates on version 1.0


If you do not want to pay your team, then drop anchor before the 1st (from the 29th to the 1st).

I offer a very easy but long lasting way to make money. 1) Buy coffee in Highrok (preferably a lot) 2) Sail to the Dead Island 3) Sell coffee on the Dead Island. So, do it until you get bored


During the game press ~ and enter the codes:

Map – the whole map is open
All ships – all ship classes are available
Money-gives 100,000,000,000 gold
People-gives 1000 people
Reputation – maximum reputation always
Squadron – Adds a squadron of 7 ships
Reloading guns are always loaded
Skills – all skills at the maximum level

After entering the codes, press Enter.


All cheats work only at sea. To enter the code, you need to start – and then enter the code. Enter code with a full phrase with spaces.

HAVE LIVE – full ship repair, the whole crew, sail repair (if there is canvas)
GET ME MAGIC – 100 times more damage from each core released by the player
NOW I FLYING – allow decoupling of the camera from the ship (view of the ship from the side)
FIRE FROM CAMERA – shoot from the camera with the key
TELEPORT – allow teleporting the ship to the camera location
MAKE SCREEN SHOTS – prevent damage from kernels
EXPU MNE – very, very, very, very much exp!!!
DENEG DAY – money

I offer a very easy way to make money.
1) buy bombs as much as you can
2) Sail to El Caymano (fortunately there is no fort).
3) before talking to the merchant, save.
4) if the price suits you, sell everything, if not, download and try again.
5) DO NOT HURRY TO LEAVE! now talk to the merchant again (pay attention to the price of bombs) it dropped for me if I sold more than 1000 pieces.

If you talk to a priest on the Dead Island, then he (the priest) for 100 gold will raise your reputation by +1

I recommend hiring a first mate. I met this one in one of the taverns and hired him for 1000 gold a month. At first glance, this amount may seem too large, but having your ship in command has many advantages. When you board an enemy ship, you can take it as a “prize ship”. It will be managed by your first mate. The class of the ship can be 2 and 3 classes. He will follow you everywhere and take part in battles. When you enter the Shipyard, you can do whatever you want with the “prize ship”: repair or sell.

If you play as the Spaniards, you can capture Manovar. We sail to Shark Island, there in the tavern you will find a man named Hugo Sawmill – talk to him, he will tell you that he is tired of piracy, and he wants to go to the service of the Spaniards, in this we will help him. Then we sail to Isla Ballena and go to the governor. If we have a reputation as a Good matey, he will grant a patent to the pirate. We swim back and tell the pirate that he was hired – he gives 1000 gold. We return to Isla Balelena and ask the governor about Hugo, he says that Hyugo is a cool soldier, and that he is now in the tavern. We go to the tavern – in a conversation with Hjugo we must answer him with a phrase under the second number – we learn that recently during a battle the French “Manovar” was badly damaged, and now it is being repaired near the island of Chaktcha. Heading there.

The best way to make money.
It is necessary:
1) Fencing skill – not lower than the fifth, the more – the better
2) Initial capital (for repairs, for wages)
3) The ship “Shnyava” (may suit another ship of the 5th class, but this is the best!)
4) First mate (optional, but he is responsible for 2/3 of the profit)
We will sail to the pirate islands. They are in the southwest of the English.
There on the shore you can find yourself a first mate. Then get off the land. If there is a pirate ship of the 4th class in the port – attack it and board it, if not – go ashore and go out to sea again. When attacking the ship, try not to damage it – attack with buckshot, and, if spinning, with clippers. If everything is done right, you will receive a prize of around 10,000. If you have saved enough people, you can take the prize ship and sell it on the pirate island (just sell the supplies from it first, or the new owner of the ship will take them over). If there are not enough people, or there is no first mate, load all the supplies from the captured ship (there should be a lot of them – I repeat, pirates are rich near the pirate islands). As a result, for one such maneuver, you will receive a lot of money – from 20,000 to 100,000 !! And given that the whole operation takes 10 minutes at most, you can stock up on money for a hundred beltships in a day!

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